The Origin Of Your Fetish

Fetish is something that develops; “a form of sexual desire in which gratification is linked to an abnormal degree to a particular object, item of clothing, part of the body, etc.” [cite: Definitions from Oxford Languages]. It builds within you from some moment or experience of sensation. A fixation. It is natural. Life is full of fascinations to capture and spellbound you. Not all of your fetishes will have clear origins. One thing is clear; they have been drawn out from within you.

The Childhood Fixation

Only you are the writer of your own destiny. Even as a child you are drawn to things that cause you sensations. Sights, sounds, feels, and actions. You follow those that tickle your fancy for reasons, if no other than fascination itself. Fetishes become a subconscious drive, seeping into our lives. A drive for fulfillment in a sensation. The beauty of this fixation is it is often both obtainable and fulfilling.

Allowing Your Fetish

Judgement is something that weighs on fetish; something the superego is in charge of. We cast it upon ourselves and fear it from others. As people grow and more conversation takes place it is easy to see how understanding and being able to explore your fetish can enhance your life and relationship(s).

What is important is the ability to refrain from instant gratification from your fetish. It’s so easy to want satisfaction and forget the importance of practice. Without discipline the nectar looses its sweetness. Be mindful of the sexual nature of your fetish. Use it to drive you. Let it reward you for being the best version of yourself always.

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