Jock Turned Caged & Pussy-Free Sissy

I demand strength in one’s submission. So, I enjoy picking strong minded males as My victims. There is something delicious about luring a man with plenty for Me to take. A jock and successful man; a VP with so many working under him, yet he is such a simp for Me. What can I say? I know his weaknesses, and I continually exploit them. Yet, after every bit of teasing and cohesion into his own humiliation he feels filled and hungry to do more to appease his Goddess’ most greedy desires; his pleasure is forfeit to Mine. Under My Gynarchy Order he continues to thrive… as My Sissy Cuck Jaime.

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Friday Ashes

Licking the cigarette ashes off my Hotwife’s high heels

Friday is here and i have honour off licking the dirty ashes off my Goddess’ gorgeous heels before She spends my pay cheque at the mall. She dressed to kill today; there will be so many men staring at Her. How many bulges in guys pants do you think i can count?

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Your First Cock

you clench your eyes shut and choked and gagged on this strangers cock. It was forced deep down closing your air ways; making you fight the hold on your head and pulling away gasping for breath and inhaling deeply. you feel hands on you back… finger tips running up and down your body and the still familiar warm yet terrifying hand on the back of your head, compassionately letting you breathe before pushing you pathetic head back down onto the long unknown cock.

you did your best to please Me – as your Goddess – and the man whose cock pushed into your throat and forcing you to gag. Before long the cock changed, this one was shorter but much thicker and easier for you to handle. Nimbly you worked your tongue around the tip and bobbed your head up and down on it, gently nibbling and beginning to get more into your so-called punishment.

I knew you were a cock whore and knew how much you craved to have it deep in your mouth.

My hand was still on the back of your head, controlling the speed and the force of which you performed. The man started thrusting his hips forward…

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Human Toilet Mistress

I am your human toilet Mistress. you are a little throne for Me to sit on; a seat to perch My divine ass right on your face. My human toilet throne that is, slut. you heard your Mistress right. I demand My sluts to lick My pussy clean of piss. It’s a reminder of exactly where your place is. Only those who serve Me properly get the privilege of drinking it straight from the tap; My pretty perfect pussy.

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Cuckold little bitch… oh yeah I’m speaking to you sissy fuck. you couldn’t fuck a Woman like My well trained bull pets do. They have been taught how to do it right. And yes, they have been in the same sorry position as you now; being a cuckold pup, because some other slave was bigger and better than they were. I guess this gives your bitch dick some hope doesn’t it?

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My Footstool

I search the room for My footstool in the dimly lit room. Light leaking in through the sheer curtain highlighting My form. A stool for My feet is what I need. For that I know you are ready and eager to comply.

Footstool needed for these beautiful red peep-toe heels to rest on. What a loser you are for Me. I cherish every second; almost as much as you do slave.
Footstool needed for these beautiful red peep-toe heels to rest on. What a loser you are for Me. I cherish every second; almost as much as you do slave.

“Come here pet,” you hear Me call from the living room. I have beckoned you. you crawl towards the direction My voice has come from, anxiously looking for Me. you see Me there, sitting on the couch; My summer dress moving in the faint breeze flowing through the room. My legs covered in a pair of sheer nylons, held up by a white lace garter. It’s My bright red peep-toe heels that really catch your attention. you sit there, like a dog, on all fours as you stare at My crossed legs… mesmerized by Me tapping My shoe in the air.

“Pet! Stop staring and come here now!” I say pointing at the ground beside My feet. you continue to crawl over on your hands and knees, looking up at Me. I lean over. Sliding My two fingers into the ring of your collar I pull; jerking you towards Me, almost knocking you off balance.

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