Financial Domination πŸ’°

My Domination Demands your Financial Submission

Financial Domination is about control over your finances and using them to spoil Me like a Goddess. Nothing I desire should have a price; My submissives and paypiggies understand that spoiling Me and making My life luxurious puts meaning in their life, and I appreciate every dollar they tribute to Me.

you tribute to Me to lift Me higher and I love you for it. 😘

I Live For Financial and Dominant Luxury and It Looks Good on Me

First thing every pet learns is My love for explicit luxury. Female Domination is so much sexier with high quality outfits and tools. As My craft is appreciated by My slaves, I appreciate the quality of real craftsmanship.

I love sexy high heels and boots, soft manicured feet and hands, the coldness of metal, the hug and smell of leather, long glowing hair, the beauty of lace, soft perfume the shine of latex, and all things that go along with being a Goddess. Frankly, it all looks good on Me. The Dominance of leather forces you to your knees. The sounds of your chains clinking gives you goosebumps. Feeling your heat race as you My footsteps close in on you with every click of My heel. I crave for beautiful sadistic toys…

And I love when a slave pays for it!

Tell Me how much you are prepared to spend, and I will send you My Wishlist. Of course you’ll get a nice photo and response from Me with the purchase.

Pay My Bills

I’m a Goddess and My FemDom lifestyle has financial costs. That means high monthly costs to keep Me looking sexy with clothes, beauty and wellness next to My regular costs for My mortgage, car, daily food and drinks, dinners, going out etc.

Be useful and pay one of My monthly bills. you will always get a response from Me with every tribute. your Financial Tribute to My lifestyle is highly noticed and appreciated.

  • mortgage $ 1050
  • nails $ 50
  • hair $ 80
  • wellness $ 50
  • clothes $ 200
  • going out $ 200
  • car $ 300
Financial Domination means every dollar you make is a dollar I spend with a smile on My face and My heels tapping in joy of your devotion to Me as a Superior Woman.
Financial Domination means every dollar you make is a dollar I spend with a smile on My face and My heels tapping in joy of your devotion to Me as a Superior Woman.

Keep your Wallet At Hand

Financial Domination may mean more to you than just making Me happy. Does it make your dick full and hard? It’s a little scary but I can tell how much you like it. you fantasize about emptying your wallet for a beautiful greedy Goddess. Knowing that your sole purpose in life is to support a gorgeous Goddess like Me; providing Me with every luxury at the cost of your poverty?

Good boy…

Financial Domination is Not Always Financial Rape

Dominance over your finances is sexy. Watching you go into to debt to serve Me makes My pussy wet; makes Me cum that much harder. I enjoy the tease; you coming back over and over to give Me all your expendable income and more. I also want you productive and keep coming back to tribute your Goddess. Financial Domination should always be done within your means, unless you truly need to be Financially Raped.


What are you waiting for?

Email Me with the subject “Financial Domination” and the following information.

Where do you live?

With what amount do you want to support Me?:
How often (frequency):

Tell Me your kinks, your dreams, your fetishes, your desires.

Accept My Terms & Conditions


Well of course you’re turned on, slave. The trick is learning how to channel all that energy into something useful, like making Me happy.

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