Cruel Key Holding Mistress

Chastity? Are you looking for a Superior Woman to hold the key to your orgasm? Maybe it’s for a specific reason. Or maybe it’s because you need some counselling from a strong stubborn Woman who will keep you set on your tasks. Maybe you masturbate too much, want to lose weight, want to satisfy your girlfriend/wife better, or maybe you just know your place beneath a Goddess and need to submit to a Superior Woman. Whatever the reason, chastity is a fantastic option to keep you motivated. I use various FemDom & GFD techniques to make you submit to your success and become the best version of yourself. It is simple. your servitude and your orgasm are your reward. I will allow it occasionally; depending on the agreement and how well you entertain Me. you would do well to aim to impress at all times.

There is more to chastity than just having your cock locked up and made pathetic for the amusement of a cruel Mistress. I canโ€™t lie. I love a man on his knees suffering with his little cock throbbing against his cage while I tease him; the torture of his chastity makes Me wet. his edging moans are music to My ears. I canโ€™t get enough dangling his key over him โ€“ just out of reach โ€“ and giggle at his pathetic state. There is so much joy and fun for Me to have as it allows Me to be as cruel with My tease and denial as I desire, with no consequence of him trying to get release with Me. A chastity device humbles a man something wonderfully. he will beg and whimper. I laugh.

This humbling of the male allows for easy breaking of him; similar to a dog or a horse. The best way to train new habits into a male is by breaking him down. Only then โ€“ when he is at his lowest and humbled โ€“ can you train him and teach him exactly what you desire him to learn.

Keyholding from a RealTime Video or Chat session

A time and date is set; that last time that cock will be free until I deem it worthy. In a webcam or chat session I will lock your chastity device. you will stay caged until your release date; be it a week, two weeks, a month, or longer. During this time I will check that My property is locked up safe and give you instructions and tasks to please Me. I will monitor you closely, slave!

Once the release date arrives you will have another webcam or chat session in which I will release you from your cage. Perhaps I allow you a great orgasm, or I decide to milking you time after time. Maybe I will edge you and lock you back up…

If you want, I can lock you up again for another period.

Keyholding through online instruction

I can also lock your cage entirely online: Iโ€™ll send you My locking instructions by email, and twice a week youโ€™ll receive instructions so that I can monitor that My property is still safely secured.

Extra Possibilities

The key holding can be combined with pictures, videos, teasing via chat or webcam, or with extra instructions, where I keep a close eye on you, and correct you as I deem necessary! I am also able to work with those who cannot wear a device or looking to intermittently wear a device; be warned that proof of being chaste will be required.

Donโ€™t have a chastity device?

Do you want to purchase a chastity device? Make sure you buy the right size!
Easier said than done.

To avoid disappointment let Me guide you from the beginning of your chaste adventures. I will tease and deny you and prep you through becoming a caged pet.

If you’re ready to buy your first male chastity device I suggest the CB-6000

I’ve got a great deal for you. Use SHEDEVIL as your discount code and you’ll save… a whole fucking penny. The rest you save gets paid to Me because I am Superior to you and deserve it, and you know it. 

Looking for more options? Maybe metal? Check out all the chastity options available to keep your dicklet locked and looking its best for Me.

Chastity Devices for US slaves
Chastity Devices for Canadian slaves

What are My slaves saying?

Goddess SheDevil is truly “the real deal” as it pertains to FemDom. Her experience is immediately made known the instant She connects with Her submissive. Yes, FemDom involves paying but, Goddess SheDevil is deeply interested in having men submit to Her, on their knees, all while allowing them to tribute what they can afford. She demonstrates genuine care for Her subs and helped guide me toward being my best submissive self, as a servant to any or all Women. When denial becomes difficult, Goddess SheDevil provided me with comfort and reassurance to trust Her, and to redirect my energies towards pleasing Her, just as it should be. i simply cannot say enough good things about Goddess SheDevil and my only regret, is not crossing paths with Her sooner.

“i’ve longed for a true denial Queen like You and now i’m way in over my head”

“Yes, the skin around the shaft is raw in some places, ugh, and yet it still feel so good to be hard. my mind is a mess of sexual confusion. Edging with the vibe, obsessing to Your OF feed, i think did me in straining and subbing out over and over, my member is waving the white flag.”

“i’ve never wanted out of chastity and to cum this bad in my entire life. ever. i’m at a loss for words … the visual of You, riding in pleasure. i must send my key to Goddess”

“i’m already so excited to shop for You Goddess. Knowing You cum harder thinking of me locked and miserable makes it all so worth it”

“ohh myyyyyy Goddess…..Your voice is such a trigger…. “

How do I safeguard your keys, safe and (un)reachable?

Often I am asked how I make sure that a slave doesnโ€™t keep a spare copy of the keys and secretly has access to his cock.

Trust Me: there is no way that you can play with yourself unnoticed!
Of course the chastity device may break, but it doesnโ€™t without I noticing it.

If I lock you in a session, you will send Me a key and keep a spare key for emergency cases. This key is to be recorded safely secured, e.g. in a safe with timerlock, or a plastic bag secured with a numbered keypad.

And when I lock you remotely, then I expect you to record it on video, and send it to Me. For My amusement, but also to make sure you experience My control. This is meant to be enjoyable for everyone and it’s not worth lying about. Continual disobeying without successful repentance will get you blocked and banished.

As you can see, there are lots of ways I can control you.

If you are looking for My control over you without a physical chastity device then ask about My Tease and Denial Services and/or Orgasm Control Services.

How much does it cost?

Keyholding for the first month is $150, and for each additional month another $100.
Do you want to start for a shorter period? A week is $50.

Simply want Me to hold your keys with a weekly check-in? Starts at $10/week.

What you get

I can Dominate you through the method of your choice: email, OF, AVN, kik, and/or skype. Subscription to My OF or AVN accounts is included for your length of chastity. Being subbed to My OnlyFans, or AVNStars gets you access to a lot of My content and will provide you with motivation on top of My personal 1on1 time with you.


I may add bonuses at My discretion if you are good and punishments if you are disobedient.

On top of keyholding you are always welcome to tribute for real time tease and denial pictures, video, chat, and/ or webcam. I enjoy doing custom content suited to make you the most weak before release.

Rinses or slow drains for chastity service fees are available for repeat subs only.

How to start your Chastity Adventure

  1. Decide on what type of Key Holding works for you and have a clear idea of your expectations, soft and hard limits. If you have any specific goals or reasons for your chastity needs please make sure you keep note of them.
  2. Contact Me with your KeyHolding desires.
  3. Pay your tribute.
  4. Decide on the chastity device you are going to wear (if you choose wearing a device) and arrange lock-up session.
  5. Lock up that cock in its cage and start your training.
  6. Send Me your key.

For all packages there is a minimum $50 initial tribute fee to be paid.

If you simply desire a Beautiful Goddess holds your keys you can send them and I will hold on to them. For $10/week I will hold your keys, for a minimum length of 6 weeks. you will receive a photo of Me wearing your key and a check-in once a week.

Request My Keyholding

I already have a cageI need help finding a cageI prefer cageless orgasm denialOther - explain in message

Via email, includedVia 1-way(I see you) webcam/voice session, $60 (10 minutes x2)Via webcam session, $100 (10 minutes x2)Via custom video, $20

*Daily reporting, 2 instructions per week (more depend on performance and tribute), photos, audio, and video motivation are included
Daily reporting2 instructions per week minPhotos, audio, and video motivationExtra/Custom photos, $20 for 10 photosExtra/Custom video, $25 for 10 minutesChat teasing, $30 for 30 minutesWebcam teasing, $50 for 10 minutes

Classic Female DominationGentle Female DominationFetish SpecificMommy EncouragementEvil Ex-girlfriendTeacher/Boss/WardenBlackmail

*Please note: a $50 fee applies to all new applications and MUST be sent via your desired tribute method before your application will be reviewed. If sending via OF or AVN $40 + subscription is acceptable. This covers all preliminary requirements and questions prior to proceeding with lock-up and/or control over your orgasm.

Accept My Terms & Conditions

Tease and Denial options can apply a “slow drain” where I slowly tease and drain you out of your money instead of upfront if desired for pets with top performance.

I can’t wait to add your key ๐Ÿ”‘ to My key collection.

Goddess SheDevil ๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ”

Well of course youโ€™re turned on, slave. The trick is learning how to channel all that energy into something useful, like making Me happy.

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