Female Domination

There are many different reasons you are aroused by and are looking for Female Domination. Do you know that reason, pet? You should. If not, take some time and introspect what it is that FemDom does for you, why it draws from you, and what is within that you want to achieve or feel from it. There are 4 strong reasons subs flock to Me and desire Me to be their Goddess.

What Female Domination Is For you

1. Do you have secret fetishes that you want to explore in a safe and sane environment while keeping them secret from your regular life? – Fetish Queen

2. Do you fantasize about giving up control (power exchange) to a Dominant Woman and want to explore that; letting Her mold you into what She enjoys? – Dominatrix & Fantasy Goddess

3. Do you find a strong Female motivating and live to please; ideally benefitting from being made to submit to be a better person or slave? – FemDom Coach

4. Do you crave to enhance your existing personal (vanilla) relationship to something more; to include more fetish, fantasy, and increase your bond and experience together? Or maybe help finding that special Lady through slave training? – FLR Therapist

Likely it’s one or possibly a combination of the reasons above. Through BDSM with a qualified FemDom Goddess you can explore things you may not be able to otherwise, and achieve things you didn’t realize you could. Often it’s the connection with a powerful and strong Woman that gives you that stimulation or push to do things you otherwise only could explore in your mind.

Luckily for you sub, there are many different Dominant Females out there that provide a landscape for you to explore one or more of these things. I am one of them. Most specialize in a few fetishes or services. I do all of the above, and am constantly exploring human behaviour and the effect of different fetishes and experiences for a slave and a Master. That is My forte.

What Female Domination Is For Me

My creative and curious mind thrives on control and learning human behaviour through experimenting to increase My skillsets. I believe life should be art like music; you don’t work the piano – you play it. In the same sense Female Domination is My way of playing with the world and those who enjoy submitting. I am the composer and you are My instrument to play; together Wwe make some beautiful music and a fantastic experience.

I love being in control as I have what some might call a fetish or Her thrill of power. I enjoy many aspects of BDSM but I must admit that the power control dynamic is by far the most delicious and arousing for Me, in most every way it can be played out. I am the spider – you are the fly.

What I’d like to know is which reason for FemDom tickles your fancy and need in life?

Fetish Queen | Dominatrix & Fantasy Goddess | FemDom Coach | FLR Therapist

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Well of course you’re turned on, slave. The trick is learning how to channel all that energy into something useful, like making Me happy.     submit