Fetish Queen

I am a Top, Dominant Woman, and Fetish Queen who excels in many things; one of those things is understanding end exploring fetishes that exist within your mind. Fetishes are not explicit to FemDom or BDSM; they can exist in many different ways and for many different reasons. Often having a fetish for something gives you a sensational reward when you engage with it. As I believe most everything is sexual at its core I deal and engage with many different fetishes, even some that many might consider taboo.

Fetish can be real or fantasy; because of this nothing is exempt. It is something that stimulates you in your mind, thus it resonates with you in some way. Now, it is very important to note that some “fetishes” or “fantasies” should NOT be experienced in real life or outside of a safe and sane environment. This is why we set up boundaries and set scenes when we play. Sometimes context is everything. The Queen knows this, and so should you.

While one’s fetishes may seem bizarre, they are normal to the beholder. Treat them as such. We are all unique; our differences are what make us interesting.

~ Miss Stella

I deal with an infinity of fetishes, always learning new ones with the subs, slaves, sissies, sluts, etc. that I encounter. I can’t count how many times I’ve heard someone criticize a fetish someone else possesses; purely because they can’t comprehend how that is “fun” or “entertaining” in the least. The fact is, it doesn’t have to entice you to exist for someone else. In the same way, others don’t need to comprehend your fetish for it to be true to you.

I know you like enjoying yourself, don’t you? So, don’t “yuk” someone else’s “yum”. Simply move on and focus on what makes you tick.

I’m A Queen of Fetish

I excel at getting into one’s mind, should I desire and they allow it. I have not yet encountered a fetish I cannot understand once I have put the time in to explore it with a submissive, bottom, couple, switch or top. Maybe I already know your fetish or fantasy, or maybe it’s something new and exciting. Either way when you are ready to explore your fetish follow Me, or approach Me, with Tribute, and experience the depths of your perverted mind with a Fetish Queen.

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