Time To Submit

When some witness a Superior Woman they are overwhelmed; intrigued, infatuated, horrified, turned on, and afraid simultaneously. They believe they are looking at something supernatural. It terrifies them. She is nature Herself; with all the power of creation and destruction.

Dominatrix Goddess SheDevil

Submissive men like you were never meant to stand tall on your own.

You were meant to prostrate before Goddess. Surrender your power, give up control, to serve a superior, submitting all you have to a powerful Woman…

It gives you purpose & fulfillment above anything you have experienced before…

– All for Goddess

It is no wonder you are drawn to Me, I am a Dominant Fetish Queen and wielder of Enchantment; the very kind you so desire to submit to. A beautiful destructive Goddess that disciplines, heals, and gives you purpose.

Worship Me. Loving Me is all you need to feel. I’m your new addiction! Prove your devotion with tasks, degrading pictures, videos, and tribute. Perform humiliating and humbling tasks for My amusement. All the while you will proudly pay for the privilege of being My slave, knowing that nothing I desire should ever have a price. I demand the best from you, pet.

Some of My favourite ways of Dominating men like you


Learning through tasks & sessions what is required based on the type of training.

Many niches: pet, beta, cuck, sissy, slave, puppy, masculine, flr etc.


Bound to the servitude of My will until satisfied; including requirements, tasks, penalties, games, and the detailed unlikelihood of possible rewards.


I’m ready to take over and keep you liable. Locking you up and keeping you from even having control of the contact you may have with your manhood. Release is Mine.


You need a Strong Woman in your life to keep you accountable. I am that Beautiful Dominant Female Coach that makes you submit to your success.


Ongoing tasks from a strong, Gorgeous Woman, requiring satisfactory completion & commanding your servitude in a certain or many disciplines.


Booked times to indulge in personally serving Goddess; satisfying your fetishes and accepting your need to submit to a FemDom. Deposit Required.


Incorporating your dark opposite self, your shadow. Taboo fetishes that engage you to play twisted inversions of yourself.


It’s hard to help oneself once they become as pathetic as you. That’s ok darling, because that’s exactly what I’m here to fix – your fetishes & focus.


Let My decades of experience in BDSM and therapy help you achieve the kind of relationship you idealize with your current or future partner

I can put you through your own personal heaven or hell and keep you there until I bring you back to your new reality; you need only to surrender your power to Me. ~ Goddess 💋

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Well of course you’re turned on, slave. The trick is learning how to channel all that energy into something useful, like making Me happy.     submit