I Want To Serve Goddess SheDevil

So you want to serve Me, Goddess SheDevil, in some capacity or another? I am not talking about ownership or collaring – those are things you earn with time, tribute, and clear dedication. Whether you’d like to show your appreciation, desire to practice My Gynarchy Order, inquire on Service Topping or submit to Me in any fashion; here are some clear guidelines to follow for both of Oour enjoyment.

I am a Lifestyle Domme. I preach and practice daily FLR Gynarchy as well as enjoy extreme fetishes. I enjoy your infatuation, but I am not a pornstar here to satisfy your fetishes. I am an exhibitionist and artist who loves engaging and exploring kink. If you enjoy My work, excellent. I only offer online services. My home is My dungeon, and you cannot meet Me in person. I have a day to day life and like a therapist I will not acknowledge you during My time.

Acts of Service I Accept

  • Reading and starting a conversation about My writing and work.
  • Buy Me a hot bevvy or something special off My wishlist
  • I enjoy hearing how I inspire you and your relationship, or your opinions to My work. Fanmail or likes and commenting on My social media platforms does make a difference to My day
  • Follow me on twitter and retweet/like tweets I make that you enjoy – engage with My tweets
  • Send tributes to encourage Me with cash.app $GoddessShedevil
  • Subscribing to My LoyalFans or OnlyFans
  • Buying My clips and photosets or custom content on Iwantclips
  • Purchasing My used good
  • Monetary Tributes and gifts from My wishlists
  • I offer many types of Service Topping – chat sessions – fetish – humiliation – tease and denial – skype drains – FemDom coaching – FLR counselling – Chastity
  • FinSub
  • Tasteful art you have created – artistic nudes, sketches, music, poetry, writing, erotica etc.
  • Captioning My photos – I enjoy seeing what I inspire
  • Music, movie, and literature suggestions and why they are significant – I have started lists for these
  • “Food porn” and “Cleaning porn” – send Me your favourite recipes and show Me your skills. I love seeing a sub improving his skills in the kitchen and around the house. Cleanliness is next to Godliness.
  • Offer whatever creative skill you’re good at; impress Me.
  • Tell Me how you’re being the best version of yourself. Do good deeds and pay it forward. Compliment. Be more patient. Exercise. Accomplishments and achievements in my honour are meaningful and powerful.

Acts of Service I Do Not Want

  • Porn or descriptive sexual acts. this includes pictures of your genitals in chastity cages or loose, your ass or any overt sexuality. I will ask if I want to see it.
  • Promises of being the best slave/wanting to serve Me. If you want Service Topping or to apply to be a pet or Owned (when positions are available) send an appropriate worded message like an adult stating such. I only play with those who are submissive, take care of themselves, and understand limits. Tribute is required for service pay4play
  • Request of services in exchange for submission/humiliation or payment from blackmail. If I want something from you I will ask. If you want Service Topping then Tribute.

Caveats in trying to serve Goddess SheDevil

  • I have the right of refusal. My consent matters.
  • You are NOT owed My time.
  • I will block you without notice if you violate My rules or safety in any manner.
  • You are responsible for knowing your limits. Do not embark on things that violate your comfort zone in a way that is actively harmful to you.
  • You may NEVER publish or share My content in any form without My explicit written consent.