Goddess’s Rules

I make the rules. If you neglect them, or fail to follow them COMPLETELY you will be ignored and/or cut off.

I will ALWAYS be your first priority.

Always address Me as Goddess. Under no circumstance may you address Me as anything else unless addressed to do so. This privilege of Me permanently being your Goddess is only given to My best and highest ranked pets.

your initial Tribute gains you access to learn about Me and gain My attention. It lets Me know you are serious about serving Me. I will not seriously consider your servitude or any of your slavery services to Me until I see that you have submitted your initial Tribute.

you will never have Me. you will never deserve Me. If you offer all of you to Me, and I am satisfied enough, you may take your place beneath Me.

Talk is cheap; your promises mean NOTHING to Me. Put your money where your mouth is. As a Goddess I demand Tribute of your most valuable possessions; your time, orgasm, and money are what I desire. you must be willing to, and enjoy, devoting all of your excess income to Me.

Never beg unless given permission or demanded by Me to do so. Do not ask Me to do or say anything for you unless asked for by Me. Failure to follow this will result in your requests being ignored.

My demands will be difficult and time consuming. This is to weed out the fakes and those who will not follow all My rules. If you take your time and commit yourself fully to Me you should be able to push yourself through every one of My desires.

Tardiness and excuses will NOT be tolerated. My deadlines and expectations are always reasonable. I deserve everything that I request from you WHEN I request them.

Sending Me Presents, Gift Certificates, and Tributes is constantly required along with excelling at your slave duties if you desire any bit of Me or My attention. Gifts and regular monthly Tributes are the only thing that will KEEP My attention. I deserve an endless supply of Luxury, Ease and Entertainment in My life, and it is your duty to offer it to Me. As a Goddess I should never have stress and I should never be without anything My heart desires!

Always Remember that you came to ME. I did not ask you to come, nor stay. you are here because you need Me and because making Me happy is the only thing that makes you happy. I am your first priority in life as you know serving Me, the most beautiful sadistic Goddess, is what makes your life meaningful. you must always aim to please Me.

Be honest about your earnings, your commitments, your desires, your limits, and everything else W/we communicate about. you desire the best experience as a submissive loser and I will provide you that if you follow this cruel Goddess’s rules.

Nothing that brings Me joy should ever have a price.

My pets love Me because they can; because they know once they come to Me I am their Goddess forevermore. I humiliate, destroy, and push limits to keep My slaves evolving into the best versions of themselves; slaves a Mistress would be proud of. I demand the best of you.

I will do as I please and you will adore, honor, and love Me for everything I do. you will NEVER be worthy of Me, so you will be humble and contribute to Me anything that I demand will make Me happy.

NEVER jack off or cum to thoughts, photos, or videos of Me without My permission. I know you are weak and pitiful, so I do expect you to screw up occasionally. If you fuck up and play with yourself in any manner DO NOT lie to Me about it ever! I will find out. However, I am merciful. you may ask for My forgiveness via a jerk penalty tribute. I may or may not accept your fulfillment of the penalty. If I do not accept the penalty tribute I will inform you and give you a new jerk penalty tribute tasks until you have paid for your weakness and inadequacy accordingly.

My time is more important than your time. So NEVER waste My time or you will be cut off.

you are required to submit all of you to Me. I do not have time for ‘half-assers’. If you are new to submitting yourself to Goddess do not feel alone. If you listen to everything I say you will feel full and happy. However, My wrath is just as strong as My love and you will get properly punished in whole for every mistake you make. This is to force you to learn from your mistakes. As My servant I require your complete love and commitment.

As a servant I require your excess earnings in tribute, as money in your pocket will only go to waste, and it proves your faithfulness to Me. I will not tolerate mediocre efforts to serve Me. you must be willing to go above and beyond My desires and requests and submit yourself fully to Me, if you ever want to consider Me your Goddess!

Goddess SheDevil

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