FLR Counseling

A FLR Therapist is someone who helps you achieve the kind of relationship you idealize with your current or future partner, as well as interactions with Females or submissive people in general. It’s often that a man (or woman) wants to submit to a Strong Woman in a Female Led Relationship, this could be a sexual or platonic relationship, and isn’t quite sure how to approach it. Whether you are the submissive or Dominant Female lead it’s helpful to understand how to nurture the environment or relationship you desire, especially if you want a FemDom relationship.

A Submissive Role in FLR

As a submissive you may feel at a loss. Likely you don’t want to initiate because that’s the whole point; you want Her to lead. Any relationship, FLR or not, requires the input of the parties involved. So, although you may not know how to approach it yet, there are many ways in which you can encourage the behaviour and lead from Her that you desire without stepping outside of your role as the submissive.

Imagine it like a supporting actor. The behaviours you do are meant to be in a support role, but if you don’t know how to accomplish this role than the lead has the burden of carrying Her weight as well as yours. Often, like if it were the movies, if the Female Lead is left to do all the work She will feel overwhelmed and won’t bother to continue the relationship in this manner.

The Dominant Female Role In FLR

It is rewarding to be the lead in a Female Led Relationship and receiving guidance from a FLR Therapist can help; as it can be hard work to keep up and understand what your submissive needs or wants from you. This makes it even more difficult if this leadership role is new or foreign to you. FLR is often first introduced and desired by a submissive partner which leaves the Female, who may or may not be Dominant in vanilla or kink, behind from the start.

Maybe you desire to experience a FLR. There are skillsets to obtain and a plethora of resources which is good, yet overwhelming. The key aspect to remember is every single relationship is unique and looks different, this is also true with any FLR. Learning what pleases yourself, then how to achieve that from your submissive and keep them satiated are the first steps to a successful FLR.

A relationship is built on an agreement between the parties involved; there are infinity ways a FLR can look and function. You are the author to your own adventure together.

Goddess SheDevil

A FLR Therapist Can Help Vanilla FLR or FemDom Relationship or More

A FLR can include vanilla aspects and/or be a kinky FemDom relationship. Often it is a rainbow of layers of those and other faucets you explore along the way. If you’re unsure how to approach the topic(s) then including a third party FLR Therapist with the skillsets required can get you started in the right directions and enhance your experience with your current or future partner(s).

When you are ready to learn from an experienced FLR Counsellor follow Me, or approach Me, with Tribute, and I will be your guide to building the relationship(s) of your dreams – and possibly fantasies.

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