About Goddess SheDevil

I am the Goddess of your dreams. I see you come to Me with eyes of desire. I know the things you have seen… those sinful perverted desires in your mind… the things you now crave…

This is why you have come to Me. I can lull you into infinite pleasure, or be the demon of your nightmares. It is My role as your Goddess… your owner… and I do it well. I demand your best version, and I will unravel your layers and expose your core only if I desire.

I enjoy so many different facets of FemDom and fetish, that I rarely restrict My interests. I am always ready to learn something new and expand Myself, and I expect the same from those I associate with. 

I will use My mind and body to motivate your perverted mind for My disturbed desires. I love it; I make you submit to your success. All for My benefit of course, but that is what makes it so exciting. I demand control, and submission is a gift given that I treasure.

If it pleases Her to have me kiss Her feet, I will kiss Her feet lovingly.

If it pleases Her to have me kneel before Her I will kneel reverently.

If it pleases Her to bind me, I will gladly offer my arms to Her.

If it pleases Her to touch me, I will allow myself to be touched.

If it pleases Her to teach me, I will learn all I can.

If it pleases Her to discipline me, I will accept it without a sound.

If it pleases Her to take away my freedom, I will patiently await Her command.

If it pleases Her to allow me to serve Her, I will serve Her with loyalty and devotion.

If it pleases Her to allow me to exist in Her world, I will exist only to please HER.

If you desire to join My stable and see if you fit the bill as one of My loyal pets email Me with the subject: “for Goddess i will” outlining your desires and how you can serve your Goddess.

Well of course you’re turned on, slave. The trick is learning how to channel all that energy into something useful, like making Me happy.

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