So you want to contact Goddess. Well that’s easy enough for good slaves. I only accept the best pets to add to My stable. What kind of skill and/or service are you able to offer Me? Show Me you are worth My while; read through My domain and when you’re ready to embrace your submission and/or are ready for a FemDom Coach contact Me properly.

All My services require tribute; My time is valuable. You get what you pay for; if you have interest then be more than a pervert and support what you love.

For applications instead fill out the forms for Chastity, Online Instructions, or Financial Domination

In order to get a response, your first message MUST include:

1. Mention of having sent initial tribute and the details of it (ie. where you sent it and the name or username attached). For details on how to send, click here. Initial tribute must be $25 at minimum.

2. A description of exactly what you’re looking for: Session, FemDom or FLR Coaching, ongoing arrangement, custom content etc; what kind of kinks you want to explore, etc. Be as detailed as you can but get straight to the point, explaining what brings you to Me. I lose patience fast when someone tries to waste My time.

Your Tribute is your consent.

You may contact me though any of the platforms linked at the bottom of this page or by using the form below.

    *Please note: initial tribute MUST be sent via your desired tribute method before your application will be reviewed. All without tribute will be deleted immediately.

    Approach correctly to show Me you’re capable of following directions and pleasing Me.


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    Well of course you’re turned on, slave. The trick is learning how to channel all that energy into something useful, like making Me happy.