Online Instructions


Ongoing tasks from a strong, Gorgeous Woman, requiring satisfactory completion & commanding your servitude in a certain or many disciplines.

I see you lurking online; searching for instructions from a strong, Gorgeous Woman. you need to be commanded, and be told what to do by a sexy Goddess. I will Dominate you, and play with you like a toy.

Serving Mistress

I will give you tasks over the next week, so that you can prove that you are worthy to become My slave and continue for the full 4 weeks. I will send you online instructions that you must carry out promptly and then report back to Me. If you follow them and complete them to My satisfaction then you may qualify for more. Should you fail then you shall accept penalties and/or attempt it again until successful.

You will be Mine for the next month. Day and night I will be on your mind.

I will make you beg for more. With each online Instruction you will become more and more under My spell!

Be warned, I WILL own you!

How does it work?

you may choose for either 8 or 15 instructions.

If you prefer 8 instructions, I will send them twice a week during 4 weeks, and you’ve got 3 days to report back to Me.
I keep a close eye on your performance, slave!
The tribute is $ 50/week.

Or you may opt for 14 instructions: I will send you an instruction every other day and you must report back to me each other day!
This way you are under My strict regime for 28 days. The tribute is $ 80/week.

Each training comes with some photos of Me, audio file(s) and in some cases video message(s) as well. You must prove your completion of instructions through writing, photos, or videos. Occasionally you may be given the chance to submit via live webcam.

I may also decide to give additional instructions next to these regular ones, or call you for a chat with Me.

You may always tribute for extra tasks, attention, and chat.

After the 4 weeks is up I have no doubt you’ll be begging for more training… it’s hard to resist.

If you want Daily Instructions with or without ownership and chat expected tribute starts at $100/week

Do you want to try?

Why don’t you just try one instruction? It’s free!
Tell me more…

Choose your Training Discipline

Select a training to read more about it.

Erotic Tease and Denial
Pussy Free Beta Cuck
Sissy slut
Gynarchy & FLR

Apply to Serve Goddess

When you are ready to start your Online Training fill in the application below – Don’t forget to send your Tribute. 💋

    Erotic Tease & DenialHumiliationPussy FreeChastitySissy SlutFinancial SlaveryHelplessExtremeFemDom CoachFLR / FemDom Training

    *Please note: all Online Training Tributes for the first week MUST be sent via your desired tribute method before your application will be reviewed. You may choose to pay the monthly rate at a discount if paid upfront.

    Accept My Terms & Conditions

    Approach correctly to show Me you’re capable of following directions and pleasing Me.

    By messaging Me you confirm you have read and agree to My Terms & Conditions

    The Training in the Discipline of your most Taboo Fetishes will help fulfill that need you have and bring balance.

    Goddess 💋

    Training Disciplines

    Select a training to read more about it.

    Erotic Tease and Denial
    Pussy Free Beta Cuck
    Sissy slut
    Gynarchy & FLR

    Erotic Tease and Denial

    Women are sexually Dominant, and you were made to serve. I select, reject, and exert influence over you without effort. I have the power. Understand this and assume the correct position beneath My feet. you are lucky to be selected even as a servant. All men are weak; your dick just a tool for Me to control you.

    I will control your sex life and drive you nuts. I will postpone your climax and increase both your pain and pleasure… you will crave to cum for, but will I allow you? Do I believe you’ve done enough to deserve it? Are those balls swollen and aching enough to My liking? Or shall I have you wait for another week or so?

    you want it soooo badly, so badly… hmmmmm…
    you will do everything to have that single full orgasm, won’t you?! I hope I don’t ruin it on you…

    I will drive you crazy, and I will take full advantage of your manly weaknesses!


    My time if much too valuable to deal with you pathetic little man…

    you mean nothing to Me, absolutely nothing! I am perfection; you are a worthless mutt. I will humiliate you, your tiny dick, your useless life, and forever remind you that a pathetic beta loser like you could never satisfy a Woman. you’re not a real man, you’re a cuckold. I will crush you under My boots like a cockroach.

    I will make you crawl like a worm, oink like a pig, bark like a dog, and moan like a slut. I will make you lick the dirt from the sole of My boots, and chew the old gum from the bottom of My shoes.

    I will make you feel miserable, and you will enjoy every single second. Gratefully paying for your degradation by a Beautiful Mean Goddess, haha!

    Don’t worry, I won’t out you; your humiliation will be Oour little secret for now.

    Pussy Free Beta Cuck

    Alpha men are those that may have the privilege of breeding and fucking Women. Those with big cocks and the skills to be used, ridden, and drained the way a Woman craves. He serves her well, until she is completely satiated, and does it with pleasure.

    You enjoy watching how real men fuck women, but that’s not you. No, you’re a beta. It’s easy to tell by how much you fuck your own hand. You’ll never be able to please a woman with your dick, and I’ve had enough with your pathetic attempts at pretending. I am keeping you pussy free, denied of piv sex, and you will learn all the other ways you may be useful to Me, and how beta cucks get to enjoy their sexuality to alpha Women.


    It’s no secret that your horny dick runs your life. Always wanting to look at beautiful women. Always wanting to stroke. Your free will manifests chronic frenzied masturbating sessions that culminate in a brief spasm of pleasure followed by a huge wave of guilt and shame; not for doing it but for CONSTANTLY doing it. It’s time to modify that disgusting behaviour.

    There’s a reason you don’t want to be an alpha. You were created to be locked away in a chastity cage with a woman keyholding your cock and pleasure. Give up control and live as the submissive you are; groomed and living for My pleasure.

    With control of your orgasm My goal is to make you into the perfect submissive pet for Me. Should it become permanent? Weekly edging? Release for good behaviour? Constant denial? Let’s start to find out the best way to keep a man like you – in chastity.

    Sissy Slut

    I know how you like it girl. The soft touch of sexy lingerie, pink panties wrapping your clitty, and the sensational feeling of stockings on your legs. It’s a sissies dream. I know your fantasize about being a beautiful woman, and who better to feminize you into a perfect princess then the Queen of Hearts.

    I’ll have you dolled up. Applying lipstick and perhaps nail polish and heels to please Me. you are in safe hands. As a Gorgeous Dominant Lady I have lots of experience of transforming tough guys into obedient sissies; trading orgasms for sissy cummies. If you’re a really good slut I may even make you call Me Daddy.

    With My online instructions I will not enforce you to big investments in purchasing female attire… unless you are ready to be a beautiful woman; a piece of art.


    So you dream about being at the mercy of a harsh Mistress? Surrendering to a young, beautiful but arrogant Lady? I have My ways. I know how to make an offer you can’t refuse. I’m a Goddess, I have many goons to do My bidding that will keep you inline.

    I will play with you like a cat does with a mouse: you poor little creature have no chance to escape. you will be bound, forced, and have no chance of escape. you may just have to make a deal with the devil… SheDevil that is. Accept it; you are helpless slave.

    I will make you feel small and irrelevant, accepting your inferiority and need for a strong alpha Goddess that I am!


    It’s not enough to know how pathetic you are, you are the complete public property of Gynarchy. Do you like public humiliation? in need of real filthy instructions, getting deeply humiliated like the scum you are?

    I demand all of you; cart blanche. your body and mind are My instrument to play how I desire. For better or worse. you will obey EVERY order! No hesitation or I will punish you SEVERELY!

    your life will dangle on a string for Me. I will consume all your thoughts. Wherever you are; you can’t hide from Me, and you can’t escape Me! Distance is a non-issue for Me: I know how to punish you.

    Believe Me: real punishment starts when your limits are crossed…

    Be warned: I take this serious. You must have completed at least My Humiliation AND My Helpless online instructions to My satisfaction before I will enter into this service with you!

    Gynarchy & FLR

    Practicing Gynarchy daily is important for growth as a submissive. My instructions help you learn the practices of Female Rule to be the best version of yourself, and/or to learn how to introduce your wife or girlfriend into the kinkier side of life through FLR and Gynarchy practice.

    Gynarchy is taught throughout all My instructions, but if you’re looking past the fantasy and want to manifest a real Fetish FLR in your life I know how to get you there, through. My tasks will draw Dominant Women to you and teach you how to open a vanilla Domme’s kink.

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    Well of course you’re turned on, slave. The trick is learning how to channel all that energy into something useful, like making Me happy.     submit