Chastity FAQ

Can I lock Myself up for You, Goddess?

Yes, if you’re looking for a real FemDom experience and to be a chaste submissive to My Female Dominance then make an arrangement with me: Cruel Keyholding Mistress

If you want to simply indulge your fetish check out My links to Chastity content.

Will you help find/fit me with a chastity device?

Yes, of corse.

Can I be chaste for you without a device?

Yes, but you will need to prove you have the willpower to do so.

How long will I need to be in chastity before You permit me release?

As your Goddess and Mistress I decide when you release and how.

your servitude is your reward. I may allow orgasm occasionally; depending on the agreement and how well you entertain Me, but it is a boon awarded at My discretion. you would do well to aim to impress Me at all times.

If you fail I expect a cum tax before I will resume being your keyholder.

Do you allow removal of the Chastity Device for cleaning?

Depending on the device, personal circumstance, and how long you’ve been locked up it is possible. However, I expect proof that it’s been re-locked appropriately and promptly.

I may need to remove My device occasionally for personal reasons; is this acceptable?

As life happens delays or pauses in keyholding is permit-able if requested BEFORE removal or pause.

If I misbehave will you punish me?

Displeasing Me purposefully will not grant you punishments – it will only cause Me to ignore you and possibly lead to suspension, blocking, and banishment. I am more than happy to offer punishments on My own accord, and regardless on how well you behaviour you are likely to endure some regardless; to appease My Sadistic Nature.

What can I expect from you as My Keyholder

Complete control over you as My submissive slave. You’re looking for real FemDom interaction because it satisfies your submissive mind, and that is exactly what you’re going to get from Me – similar to that of My live-in slave (housepet). Everything you do should have “Will this please Goddess?” in mind. By sending Tribute you are agreeing to this arrangement and that you aim is to please Me with your servitude.

During your time of lockup you are required to submit ongoing proof of your chastity. Depending on your desired service and Tribute I will interact with you and give tasks, quests, and boons at My discretion, and to keep you pleasing Me.

Can I achieve additional time, tasks, & boons

The best way to achieve as much Female Dominance from Me as possible will always be to be your best submissive self and follow directions accordingly. If you are pleasing Me as a submissive then I am happy to Dominate as per Oour arrangement.

In addition you may make requests and offer additional Tribute when necessary. Generally speaking, if you must ask for it, you must convince Me, and the way to do that is with Tribute if you can’t figure out a way to please Me with with your own mind and actions.

Boons and additional interaction or tasks may be requested a la carte by request, purchasing content, and/or by sending additional Tribute, but be advised that this does not entitle you to receive what you request without also continuing to please Me.

Looking for something not listed?
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