My First Chastity – Bye Bye Manhood

i will never forget the way i felt when Goddess first asked me to put on a chastity cage for her. i was nervous, excited and filled with anticipation, what i didn’t realize was Goddess’s long term plan for me.

Goddess had helped me pick out my cage a couple weeks before. No cold steely manly devices for you jaime she said. I want the girly pink one for your little dicklet. Such humiliation and embarrassment in one little task. i had to fight back an erection when i slide my cage on, Goddess saw and remarked – see how excited you get to please me. Such a good little pet.

Once the cage was on i realized i had given up control of my pleasure to Goddess. As she held the key, and it was her that would decide when i could remove my cage and please myself. That is when fear had crept in a little. As a man’s man i have always had the ability to jerk and please myself at will. Sometimes to the detriment of my gf’s. Goddess recognize that weakness in me, and it was something she immediately want to correct. From now on i could only worry about pleasing Goddess not myself. As it should be.

The amount of frustration and pain the first couple weeks brought was unbearable. As Goddess would assign me my daily chores and tasks, and making her happy excited me. With each excitement came pain as my little dicklet swelled against the cage. I constantly woke up in the middle of the night in pain, as my dicklet try to swell only to be blocked by my pretty pink cage.

What i never thought about once the cage clicked on was how i would pee. i no longer pee like a man, I have to sit on the toilet like a girl. No longer a couple quick shakes when i am done but i have to wipe like a girl. Goddess laughed at this and smiled, well I guess that means time for new underwear too.

That is a story for next time.

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