I Put him To Work Chaste

The only option you have chaste pet is following My cruel demands. I know what’s best for you, and you want to stay in My favour. So you will work for Me.

It has been weeks since your last release. Days of edging. Nights of encouraged erections. Still nothing more than a bit of ruin leakage to clear the pipes. The ache is constant. I’m ever present in your mind.

I am not sure what you thought when you bought Me My new necklace for your keys, but after a few hours under My heels heels and smothered by My ass you admitted how badly you want to give Me your load.

So, I sent you to work today, on a Sunday; while I relax with your keys around My new sparkling necklace. When you get home you’ll bow in Obi with your payload in hand to kiss My heels and wait for instruction.

When that alarm rings in the morning you’ll rise. I know you’ll be erect following My orders as you dress and drive to work when you could be relaxing in bed. Serving a Superior Woman has been your life long dream and now it is reality. you wouldn’t change a thing. The ache keeps you ever ready, and your swollen balls are a badge of pride you wear everywhere you go.

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Fat Ass Swallowing Thong Panties – What colour are they? FemDom Game

My fat ass swallows My thong panties. Let’s play and see if you’re going to be a loser for it.

Thong Panty Colour Game is On

Good afternoon pet. Let’s play. What colour is My thong panties? Tough question when it’s being swallowed by My fat ass. πŸ‘ πŸ™ˆ So, make your best guess in the comments on My social media accounts, OF or AVNStars.


I’ll DM you confirmation if you get it right. 😘

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Imagine… black slacks slowly sliding down tight hips towards immobile ankles, revealing a bright red band separating naked skin from My long nails.

Imagine… those nails pushing the elastic millimeters away from pale skin and dipping inside.

Imagine… the desperate aroused rise to meet ten insistent fingers and the rhythmic thrusting of those hungry hips.

Do not reply. Just read until I want a bit more from you.

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