Permanent Male Chastity Device

A permanent male chastity device is what a pathetic little animal like you needs. you need to have that piece of meat between your legs under control and under My power at all times. That sissy piece of meat controls you no more; because now you fully and permanently belong to Me. 🗝

I put all My male slaves in chastity. If you are My pet then your body belongs to Me. That includes your orgasm and cock. I don’t always need a physical or permanent male chastity device as My body and words own you. As My slave, you know what’s good for you. Give Me the keys to your manhood… whether it comes with a physical key and lock or not.

May My words serve as your permanent male chastity device henceforth.

It makes for a humble, docile and more loving male. The permanent male chastity device is a punishment for those special pets who continue to fail Me. It is for a male slave, like you, who desires to look after his own satisfactions first and fails repeatedly to please Me as a superior Woman. Female slaves, although superior to their male slave counterparts, still must follow the same rules or be doomed to face wearing a permanent chastity device. This serves as the slave’s constant reminder of who owns their pussy, penis and pleasure.

I have many slaves asking for chastity knowing very well they are weak. Those who ask get respect from Me. It’s a big task realizing and confessing your weaknesses to Me, and I understand that. I enjoy putting My male slaves in a chastity belt and holding their golden keys between My breasts. Then training begins. As a male in chastity you can finally rid yourself of those selfish self-pleasuring thoughts and put your focus on more import things… like pleasing Me.

Let Me Control your Weakness For My Pleasure.

With a permanent male chastity device wrapped around your tiny dick know that I will cuckold your sorry ass. Show you all the things you can’t do as the stupid animal you are. Then you will realize what you must overcome to become a man, and shed your nasty beastly habits.

Eventually you’ll forget what it is like to have soft hands run up your shaft, tongue muscles flicking against the head of your penis, and the tight caress of soft vagina tissue squeezing up your shaft. you will go back to the child-like innocence you lost in your teenage years; removing selfishness and only aiming to please your Superior Woman, Mother and Goddess. That is what permanent male chastity will do for you, pet. 

Can you feel the strain? Call for your keyholder… 🔐
OmyGoddess 💋

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Well of course you’re turned on, slave. The trick is learning how to channel all that energy into something useful, like making Me happy.     submit

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