So you like Humiliation

Goddess has always kept me on my toes through out my training , and it hasn’t mattered if i was doing to it right or doing it wrong there have always been humiliating tasks. However Goddess has taken things to a new level, as she believes i am a baby sissy loser and should be treated as such.

If i was to be the best pet then she would need to train me from the beginning just like a baby. i was instructed to order big adult baby diapers, bottles and girly onesies. Goddess was rebirthing me as a sissy.

i thought nothing of it, how hard to put a diaper on while in my house with some really cute sissy clothes. i do love sissy clothes. The day arrives and the diapers show up, i have a have a couple cups of coffee and message Goddess. Right away she replies ok baby loser take your panties off a diaper up and send me a picture. i follow instructions as request and Goddess writes back what a good little loser now drink 40 ozs of water and let me know when that is completed. 2.5 hrs later I did as told, and Goddess then request i go to the grocery store her little loser baby needed some baby food, tuna and fruits and veggies.

i was totally nervous driving to the store here i was an adult male in a bright pink diaper going out in public. Driving to the store i am really starting to feel my bladder. Once i get in the store i start walking up and down the isles picking up what was requested, in the tuna isle I had to bend over to pick up the cans of tuna, what i didn’t realize is my shirt and rode up. As i start to walk down the isle i get a tap on my shoulder and a beautiful mid 20’s women tells me, you might want to pull down your shirt so everyone doesn’t see your pretty diaper. OMG i went so red and i could barely speak. i mumbled thank you and she said you are welcome, baby.

By now my bladder is killing me and i really need to go, but was to embarrassed to walk into the men’s room thinking i could hold it until I got home. In the baby food isle I start picking out food and feel a trickle leave my bladder and I can’t stop the stream. i peered my diaper right there – i have no idea how many people knew but they sure could hear my crinkle away as fast as i could.

i get in the truck and message Goddess that i just peeled my pants 🤭. Laughter is the only thing I get in return. i drive home quickly wanting to run inside and out my panties back on. However i check my phone and Goddess has messaged me again, no changing baby sissy loser I want you to drink more water and message me when you pee your diaper again. A couple hours go by and i send Goddess a picture of a very full soggy diaper. What is happening to me i am a grown man wearing a full pink princess soggy diaper. Probably the most embarrassed I have been in my life. Fully expecting Goddess would let me change back to panties i ask what color she would like me to put on. Oh no baby no panties for you, you have proved what a baby loser you are you better put another diaper on. i begged her to please put on panties as i had to meet my ex for dinner to discuss somethings. Too bad was the only response i got. You better not drink at dinner you wouldn’t want to have an accident in front of your ex, but we already know that she knows you have a loser baby clit. Send me a picture from the restaurant in your diaper, or else i will be sending some pics of you in your sissy dress sucking a dildo to some contacts of yours.

That was the longest dinner i have sat through and ensured. Crinkling and fidgeting blushing all night. I have never been more embarrassed in my life.

When i got home there was one last message from Goddess, leave your diaper on, put on a onesie and we will discuss your training more in the morning. Good night my sweet baby sissy loser pee pants.

Buying panties the first time was embarrassing but this has been a whole new level of humiliation, the price to pay to truly honor, serve and worship my Goddess.

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