Human Toilet Mistress

I am your human toilet Mistress. you are a little throne for Me to sit on; a seat to perch My divine ass right on your face. My human toilet throne that is, slut. you heard your Mistress right. I demand My sluts to lick My pussy clean of piss. It’s a reminder of exactly where your place is. Only those who serve Me properly get the privilege of drinking it straight from the tap; My pretty perfect pussy.

Drink Me All In Human Toilet loserboy

So, when I ask. Remember it is a high privilege and respond with, “yes… I am your human toilet Mistress.” Or even better, say “yes Goddess” and open that sissy mouth of yours. I am Divine after all. My golden fluids are to be taken with thanks and humbleness as My pet.

you’ll be down on your knees with Mistress sitting on your pathetic face; your mouth wide open waiting and begging for My golden nectar to drip in you. Hope you can swallow fast My human toilet or My juices will be flowing all over your body soaking you with the urine of a sexy Mistress. Not that I care way where it goes… in the end you’ll be cleaning it ALL up with your tongue.

My Golden Nectar Is your Tasty Treat

I will urinate standing up just to watch you scramble around on all fours sissy little toilet boy; hustling around to lick every drop of nectar from My legs… following the drips run down Me to My feet where you lap it up like the sick puppy you are.  If you are lucky I’ll wear panties and you can suck on them – piss soaked and all. Clean them toilet boy… you are My human toilet.

Goddess SheDevil 💋

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Well of course you’re turned on, slave. The trick is learning how to channel all that energy into something useful, like making Me happy.     submit

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