Cuckold little bitch… oh yeah I’m speaking to you sissy fuck. you couldn’t fuck a Woman like My well trained bull pets do. They have been taught how to do it right. And yes, they have been in the same sorry position as you now; being a cuckold pup, because some other slave was bigger and better than they were. I guess this gives your bitch dick some hope doesn’t it?

Forget about it Cuck

That dicklet is probably too small to ever please a Woman, nevermind a Goddess like Me. I’ll use you the parts of you that are useful, like your mouth and your maid services. you are going to make sure I have the best orgasms and the wettest pussy for My real man cock.

A Good Cuckold Is Chaste

Well we will see how well your penis reacts when it’s stuck in a permanent male chastity device. Does it still have hope? Hahahaha. How pathetic. Maybe you won’t be so lonely… sometimes I make sure My cuckold pets have company… besides I like it when My feet are being serviced while I’m fucking so I would be in need for another pair of lips to suck on My clit… Besides that’s what your tongue was made for wasn’t it? Sucking on My perfect body while I cuckold your sorry ass, by fucking someone far better than you; filed by a real man’s cock.

I know you secretly fantasize about laying under Me while you watch the Woman of your dreams getting the sex She deserves. The sex you could never give Her. It eats you up inside watching Her make a cuckold out of you but seeing that She’s happy forces you to keep watching and even smile at Her pleasure. you even happily open your mouth and lap up Her fluids that squirt from Her pussy, covered in the smell of sex… some other pet’s sex and your Goddess…

you’re Just A Cukcold

Hold Me pet. Hold you Goddess and watch Her… hear Her and look in Her eyes and She orgasms hard from another dog who is serving Her much better than you, to receive the highest honour in life. you have only been good enough to watch. Poor little puppy…. sorry to say you’re just a little cuckold… 

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Well of course you’re turned on, slave. The trick is learning how to channel all that energy into something useful, like making Me happy.     submit

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