He Will Submit in The Bedroom

Make Your Man Submissive To Your Desires

Whether your man identifies as a real submissive or not you can make him submit to you in the bedroom. Generally, with little effort required. Obviously what your man is going to do for you depends on you. I’ve seen the most submissive males become dominant in the bedroom… but one needs to question why. If a Female doesn’t realize Her power She generally won’t use it to get what She wants, which leaves a man to fumble around in futile attempts to please. This can lead to a sexually unsatisfied Woman, and one that in turn doesn’t want sex as She doesn’t get the fulfillment he so desires to give Her.

he wants to submit, but he needs you to be a Superior Woman. A Queen who knows Her worth and takes what She wants.

It’s quite unfair but – in reality – the male is always satisfied enough during sexual intercourse. I’ve heard a male once exclaim that there is no such thing as ‘bad sex’ for a male; as even if the Woman lays there and does nothing he will still manage to get himself off. How cruel is this? As a rule of thumb, always remember that to men the Female body is a wonderful and extremely foreign and complicated thing. Men do not naturally know how to satisfy a Woman (women also vary drastically). Most don’t even know where to start. Some are lucky enough to have had some Female training with past lovers, but then every Female is different and what works on one may not work on another.

If You’re Not Dominant He Isn’t Going To Submit

If a Woman is not taking control of the bedroom and the sexuality between Herself and Her man then he has to step up to the plate. The male will do his best to try and get his Woman aroused and involved in sexual activities but most fail miserably at this. This is not only their fault of not knowing what to do, but just as much the Female’s fault for not taking it into Her own hands to teach him. A Woman ALWAYS has the power to seduce the man… This is why men and Women need to realize that the Female being in control in the bedroom will lead to the most satisfying sexual experience possible.

Men Submit To Goddesses

Don’t know what you need to be satisfied as a Woman? Well let Me tell you… shame on you! Figure it out. Only you can figure out what it is you need; and you need to teach this to your man. The biggest thing is open communication. Most men – I’d risk saying all – are ready and eager to learn how to satisfy your Female sexuality. He knows he will get off either way with your pleasure, and this submissiveness of satisfying his Female in bed resides in ALL men. It is a badge of honour.

So if you’ve come this far being unsatisfied in the bedroom, take your own share of the responsibilities. Pick up your crown and take the next step to nurturing your inner Goddess out.

Pamper Yourself, love Yourself, be smart, find ways to play with him, and be the best version of Yourself. You will be a Goddess and he will submit without falter..

Submission Means 24/7 Foreplay

Foreplay starts in the morning. What do I mean by this? Every second you are with or interacting with your partner I consider ‘foreplay’. Every word you say and every move you make has the possibility of arousing the other. Even time away can be foreplay. Once you realize this you understand that men want to submit to their sexual desires all the time, meaning every second of their day is possible foreplay, if you do it right. This goes both ways.

Keep this in mind. If you are unsure how to start then use his known weaknesses to make him submit to you. For example; if he likes nylons, wear them… if he’s suggested certain outfits, buy one… if he compliments on something, do it again… you have to start paying attention to his desires so that you are properly equipped to seduce him. But don’t worry; once you are the one on top and have him under your spell he will return the favour 10 folds. This is something all good Dominatrix’s use to start the training. When introducing a new dominance the aggressor – either the submissive male to the Female or the Dominant Female to the male – has to start with the other’s existing sexual urges.

Use his Fetish To Make him Submissive

he has fetishes… lots of them. Some he doesn’t even know yet. Never mind all the fetishes She may have that have yet to surface. It’s a journey.

If he likes heels, wear them. If his dick gets hard when you give him attitude, find times to be bossy. When you really want to tease him, make him watch and tell him no. If he likes lingerie and stockings take his CC to the mall and buy something that will make him swoon. He will be thanking you for spending his money on something so sexy, and it will be empowering for you. Take care of your submissive male; he will return it multiplied every time.

If you both go to work in the morning and your man likes panties or lingerie, have him watch you get dressed and slip some sexy lingerie under your clothes and make sure he knows that it’s for him when he gets home. How you address a submissive man versus a non-submissive man is only slightly different in your words and actions, but every man likes to worship Women.

Some men Are More Submissive Than Others

If you are unsure if he is naturally submissive, assume you have to pull it out of him a bit. For a submissive man you would say something like ‘you want it don’t you?’. When he responds with a nod or yes, remind him that he can’t touch, and you will let him know when he may have that pleasure. For a non-submissive man, remind him ‘this is for you later babe’. You will have to play with your actions. Just keep in mind you are the Female and he has already been lusting after you when you’ve done nothing. Now it’s your turn for you to turn it up a notch and make him jog a little faster.

There are many ways to arouse a man into submission. All men – submissive or not – do love attention and knowing you are paying attention to them. Women naturally think of others as they are empathetic; but make sure he knows that you are directing your authority over him specifically. Wearing his shirts will show him you like his style and smell. Touching him just to touch him will always get a smile. Run your fingers along his body and examine every inch of him. If he starts feeling uncomfortable by anything then tough! Remind him that you want to do it and that he is to enjoy it.

Don’t Make It Complicated. It’s The Simplest Things That Get You What You Want From Your man.

If you have seen a scene in a movie you love where they kiss strong and passionately and you want it then you start it. Place his hands where you want them and go in. You may be shocked by how fast he jumps in and gives you that deep kiss and lust you desired.

If you want passion. Make it. Rub close. Touch him. Grab him. Kiss him. Do what it is that makes him tingle between the legs and he will always be ready to do what you need of him.

Sweetly tell him things that turn you on and be vocal. If he touches you a certain way, or looks at you a certain way that makes you tingle then tell him. If he does something that you don’t like – tell him, then show him something you’d prefer. It’s all positive building. The key to getting him to do what you want is not simply sexual denial but making him submit to your needs by teasing him, increasing his arousal then denying release as to keep him there stimulated and ever attentive to satisfy your will.

Keep in mind he’s afraid of ridicule and failure. So be sweet and teach him. Don’t be afraid to punish him though. The more specific the punishment is for, the better. This allows him to feel shame while also knowing he is satisfying you by aiming to improve, or suffering for you. Affirm that you enjoy his punishment, and pick those that you find enjoyable; even if it’s just something that makes you laugh. Sometimes made up punishment can be the most intense; it shows you have the power to make up whatever rule or punish at any time, even if he does everything right, simply out of your own enjoyment. It’s a mindfuck and can be very empowering in the power exchange.

You May Be Surprised How Closeted Submissive He Really Is.

As the love grows you will find him lusting after you in the ways you want. He will touch you in ways you want, and talk to you in the ways you want. You, dear, are becoming a Dominant Woman. By the time you are done seducing him he will be submitting to you every waking moment; asking you what to do next.

Take it one step at a time; as your Female Dominance grows your FLR (Female Lead Relationship) will blossom and your connection with your man will be stronger than ever before.

Goddess 💋

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