Happy Locktober

Happy Locktober slaves. May your cages be so ever tight and your loins ache over the next 31 days of chastity.

Let’s begin

I have something for you pet. Do you know what this is? The keys to that present I made you buy. It’s time to lock up.


It’s Locktober 2020 and you’re going to shoot for a full month of tease and denial My pet.

This year I have some special ideas to put that extra pump-in spice into Oour locktober this year. I know you’re going to love it. For My fans participate at your leisure, but for My owned pets… well you know the deal; I say it and you do it.

Congratulations slave, you are now a participator of loctober 2020 in My honour.

Here are the rules this year:

  1. Send Me a message with your locked cock, cage, or hand over your cock if you are cageless (following chastity obedience only) with words “locked for locktober pump-in spice 2020”.
  2. Update your profile to include your last full release date. For every failure over the month add an x and for every allowed pleasure add an o.
  3. Decide if you will follow chastity obedience (without any cage) or chastity cage (permanent chastity) or both.
  4. There will be constant tease and pressure; I will use all tools at My disposal to play, tease, and humiliate you for My pleasure. As the days pass you will become weaker and stronger for Me. I will be giving you many tasks to complete over the following month. If at any time a task is too much, use your safeword to “tap out” of completion of the task.
  5. For those in permanent chastity this month good hygiene is expected. You are permitted to remove your cage every 3 days to clean, messaging Me before removal and sending Me picture proof of re-lockup.
  6. There will be edging and removal of the device (except for permanent sissies); be able to put yourself back in and DM if you need help. Knowing how to stroke and edge (through dick or sissyhole stimulation) will be crucial. If you fail and lose cloudy jiizz at any time, pay a cum tax and try again.
  7. Confess any disobedience or failings and accept your punishment for them.
  8. It’s not just your orgasm, but your mind and body are also Mine to mould. I will be adding and upping your servitude with exercises throughout the month to mould you into a fine pet worthy of release. When you work hard for your yes, after all the nos, the forbidden fruit tastes so much sweeter.

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Well of course you’re turned on, slave. The trick is learning how to channel all that energy into something useful, like making Me happy.     submit