Relapsing Into Fetish

It can be scary, the things our minds are drawn to; the fantasies that manifest inside us, which our arousal seems to fuel deeper. We can fight it, but relapse is inevitable that way. There is no way to ‘push’ away such things from your life, and as much as you think burying these arousing concepts feels like a safe option all it serves to do is make them stronger. You are using all your power to buy time as they expand.

If you hide baby monsters under the carpet they will grow bigger in the dark.

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Financial Slavery


It’s obvious that your financial slavery is the best thing you can offer. Being a finsub is your fetish and sending it to a Woman like Me, who doesn’t even need your money, is the biggest turn-on your feeble male mind could ever imagine. you know that I chuckle every time My account goes off and I see your name attached to the money you worked hard to earn; knowing full well that filling My bank account by emptying yours has become your sex life.

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What Is A Slave, Anyways?

Slave. A label so quickly tossed around in BDSM and fetish with little thought to why it provokes such controversial arousal in so many people. Keep in mind, everything in BDSM requires consent between two or more adults, so we are speaking on the term slave specifically used in a consented context.

Giving yourself up to someone is one of the deepest forms of love. To appreciate something so profoundly that it allows you to change your behaviour to favour the other is a strong aphrodisiac and the essence of slavery and submission. So why the term “slave” over let’s say “submissive” or “pet” or the copious others labels that can be given to a bottom in service? They can all wear collars after all.

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The Origin Of Your Fetish

Fetish is something that develops; “a form of sexual desire in which gratification is linked to an abnormal degree to a particular object, item of clothing, part of the body, etc.” [cite: Definitions from Oxford Languages]. It builds within you from some moment or experience of sensation. A fixation. It is natural. Life is full of fascinations to capture and spellbound you. Not all of your fetishes will have clear origins. One thing is clear; they have been drawn out from within you.

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Custom FemDom Content Random Selfie

Random selfie during reviewing some sexy FemDom and Foot Fetish custom content.

When you’re reviewing sexy custom content and the camera decides to take a random selfie. Add that to the blooper reels. 🙈

Interested In Custom FemDom or Foot Fetish Content?

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Topdrop & Subdrop Why it happens

The drop after the BDSM high

Topdrop & Subdrop are terms you should know if you take part in any Dominant/submissive experiences. They happen, more often than not, because our emotional depth from an experience and the real world collides, and can be devastating.The stronger and deeper you venture into your fantasies the more likely a drop will occur. There are measures to follow to prevent and manage Topdrop or subdrop. As much as they are similar they are also different.

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You Have A Fetish

A pattern of arousal from an object or experience

Fetish is such a vague word. I find people have come to use it to describe anything that is not giving or receiving oral, vaginal intercourse, or anal intercourse. It seems that those are all vanilla and fetish is everything else. Like there is this fetish pattern; a way in which it presents itself in someone. Once one is tired of the normal feelings of simple touch fantasy creeps in. Seeds itself. It intensifies within you. Draws you to it. And once you let it in it blossoms into your fetish and becomes part of you.

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Everything I have in mind for you

Imagine… black slacks slowly sliding down tight hips towards immobile ankles, revealing a bright red band separating naked skin from My long nails.

Imagine… those nails pushing the elastic millimeters away from pale skin and dipping inside.

Imagine… the desperate aroused rise to meet ten insistent fingers and the rhythmic thrusting of those hungry hips.

Do not reply. Just read until I want a bit more from you.

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The Urge to Dominate

The Dominating Female

It’s a calling from inside. It doesn’t have to manifest sexually, but it can. When it does, the possibilities of arousal and limits are endless. It can rule you or empower you.

Some are dominant in their home life; others are the boss at work. Still others find hobbies, lead workshops, and find outlets to excel in something they (hopefully) enjoy. Sometimes it is just excelling at something that brings this rush. So, it is not hard for anyone, regardless of how submissive, to understand the urge to dominate.

For Me it doesn’t stop at the desire to excel, but to constantly push limits, and be the catalyst of fantasies; entirely in control of your blissful subjugated experience. Manifesting the impossible possible. The control satisfies Me. Your servitude and futile attempts at fulfilling My cruel insatiable demands humours Me.

Dominating a sub, when they are strong, gives Me balance; it trickles through My life and days in ways that make Me the best version of Myself, as I uphold the standards I set. Being a good submissive is a gift to his/her Goddess, and one that is treasured. My glory comes from the exchange of power between My submissive and I.

I have found Mine in Domination; what will give you balance?

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