Everything for my Goddess

written by jenny – My squishy

Click. Clack. Click. Clack. The sound of Her heels hitting the hardwood flooring cause my eyes to slowly flutter open, sensations returning slowly as i felt the cold steel of my cage against my back. Click. Clack. Click. Clack. Each step of Her foot grew louder and louder, the echo ringing in my ear as i attempted to adjust myself to be presentable to Her. The steps suddenly silenced as a new sound filled my ears, a soft and subtle laugh. All at once, the anxieties and fluster dissipated from my mind, emptying out and being filled with Her laugh. i stopped my adjusting, and bowed my head as i heard the lock on my cage click open and clatter to the floor, a single finger being waved in my direction, beckoning me to leave the cage.

Outside of the cage, i was greeted by the intense aroma of Her feet, calling out to me, begging to be served. “Go ahead, pet,” She said, beckoning me to kiss and to worship at Her feet. Those three simple words motivated my body to crawl, desperate for one taste of Her. As i planted two soft kisses, one on each foot, She pulled away, eliciting a soft moan from my lips. “Do your chores and I’ll let you kiss them again. Kitchen, pet.” At Her command, i nodded, crawling behind Her as we made our way to Her kitchen. Sitting near Her table were two bowls, one filled with my typical breakfast of a single egg and Her table scraps and the other filled with water, usually with Her spit for extra protein. i happily leaned into the bowls, quickly eating my meal, looking up at Her for approval. “Good girl,” She smiled, leaning forward and placing Her hand on my head, tossling my hair around. “Th-thank y-you G-goddess~” i moaned, leaning into Her soft hand. “Now, you left quite a mess last night, pet. Go and clean it up. Once you are done, I would like you to bring me my tea in the office. Understood?” Again, i nodded at her command, scampering on all fours to Her bedroom.

She had not lied about the mess. Clothes were strewn around the room, various toys, gags, and restraints laid outside of their places, the sheets of the bed were clearly not given any attention from the previous night, and various stains and puddles littered the wooden flooring. i quickly take my cleaning supplies and begin to sort through the mess, sorting out the ownership of the clothes and placing them into laundry baskets. Every item that had been used on me the previous night was placed into a large rubbermaid and filled with scalding soapy water and left to soak. i giggled softly as i walked back to the bedroom, adjusting the sheets and neatly tucking every corner of the soft comforter. Going back to my knees, i mopped up the remaining puddles from the previous night and sprayed down the unfortunate stains that happened to form on the walls. Admiring my own handiwork, i collected the cleaned toys, sorting them back into their bins and hiding them in the closet. i made my way back to the kitchen, finding a pot of tea already brewed left on the stove. “Hehehehe, She is being very kind today.” i giggle to myself as i pour a small cup of tea, placing two small cubes of sugar in the tea to stir in, and one on the side of the saucer. 

“The way She likes it”. i nod, walking over to Her office. Slowly knocking and being allowed entry, i enter, bowing as i present Her with Her tea. She smiled warmly at my gesture, taking the tea and placing the third cube of sugar in Her drink as i dropped back to my knees, crawling over to Her side. Her hand gently landed on my hair as She rustled it lightly, giggling softly, Her laugh penetrating my soul, causing a small droplet of drool to leak out of my lips as my pathetic mind slipped away. She smiled softly, grabbing a small tissue and dabbing my lips, “Hehehehe, one of these days you won’t do that, pet~” The words snap me back to reality, causing my face to turn red hot as She cleans my cheek. “Th-thank you, Goddess~” i moan softly, looking up into her penetrating green eyes. “Alright, pet, one more kiss but then you need to go to work, okay?” i groan loudly at Her suggestion, knowing that She is right, but not wanting to stop being at Her feet, being blessed with Her attention. i softly plant a kiss on Her foot, taking a long and deep breath of her scent before She pulls away, pointing to my desk. i crawl away slowly, mounting my chair as i turn on my computer, giggling softly as i notice a picture on the desk. my thumb glides across the smooth glass frame as i see the photo of the two of us, Her smile as radiant as ever, my blushing face as red as usual. Looking at the photo, i could remember exactly the moment that She had asked it to be taken.

The smirk on Her face when i asked. Very few things are truly memorable about my freshman year of high school. i was the prototypical “nerdy kid” who took higher level classes, determined to graduate in three years. i was also a very shy teenager, not speaking much in that class, keeping my eyes glued forward to the blackboard. One morning, my teacher spoke up about a new seating arrangement, meant to bring certain students’ grades up. The end result was my new location at the back of the classroom, seated between two of the most obnoxious humans i had ever met. The two would pick on my diminutive stature while i tried desperately to ignore their harassment. On a particularly shitty day, my head was pressed against the desk, trying to ignore the constant teasing and prodding by the two when a lone voice spoke up in front of me, a stunning Woman with jet black hair that stretched down past Her shoulders but was tied up in a tight ponytail. Her stunning eyes piercing my own as i looked up to my savior. “Can you fuckwits stop harassing the freshman?” Seven words, but spoken with such authority and power that the two ceased their teasing and left me alone. As the minutes ticked on in the class, i stared forward, no longer at the blackboard but at the enigma in front of me. She hung back for a few minutes as classes ended for the day, looking me up and down as i packed my backpack. She giggled softly under Her breath “I’m pretty sure if you got in a fight they wouldn’t even have to throw a punch to knock you on the ground. You’d probably beg before they did anything.” i rolled my eyes at Her assessment, knowing it to be true but not wanting to verbally agree with it. “Come sit with me at lunch tomorrow, I’ll keep those betas off your back.” i looked up, smiling softly at Her. She hadn’t phrased it as a question, more of a command that i would have to follow. “Oh, what’s your name, freshie?” She asked, heaving Her backpack over Her shoulder. “J-Jennifer, b-but everyone calls me J-Jenny…” i answered meekly. “Alright, Jenny. Tomorrow then!” She yelled, bounding out the door before i could ask for Her name. Just like that, She was gone. That was the beginning of something special. my world became about Her. She became the center of my universe, chasing behind Her, always on my knees for Her. 

Everything for my Goddess.

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