Topping From The Bottom

I believe that all Females have greatness in them in their own way; a power that needs awakening. Something like the force. I enjoy bringing power out in Women as it has been done for Me; whether it is by Me personally or by training a sub how to bring out Dominance in a Woman he desires to serve. Some may argue that is topping from the bottom. Something you have heard mentioned and are respectfully fearful of. To make it simple: Intent is what makes the difference.

Keep It Simple – Put Her Desires First

It’s easy to get carried away with what you want. The point of Gynarchy is being able to achieve satisfaction through what She wants.

”i like to think of it as any instance where a sub is putting his desires in front of Hers.  i realize that is a pretty generalized viewpoint but when one’s mind is clouded with desire, the simplicity is helpful for me.” ~ james

Keeping it simple, especially during times of high arousal is important. If you care to pay attention you will notice; make requests but always be sure to do it in a way that pleases Her.

Experience, Excitement, and Selfish Motivation

There will always be selfish motivation (it’s how life survives). What matters is the purpose as well as expectations. If a submissive has a foot fetish he will offer to worship and lick Her feet. If he arranges that scenario and She permits it that does not mean he is topping from the bottom. Rather, that he is serving in a form he is practiced in; be it in his head or real life. Now as soon as he expects anything in return that crosses the line and is no longer in its true form of him submitting for Her.

There can be power struggle in any D/s relationship. It’s important to be mindful of your actions and the wellbeing of your partner; too much one way or another causes unbalance.

The fine line here is a Domme must also be responsible for Her submissive’s wellbeing and ensure he is in fact satisfied; a Top is only as good as Her bottom. It is the responsibility of the sub to ensure he is serving a Domme the way She enjoys for it to continue, and it is the responsibility of the Domme to be clear about Her fetishes, what She wants, and follow through.

Her Way – No Excuses

The exchange of money is not excused or exempt from this either. It is custom to adorn a Domme with tribute. In fact it is often part of the exchange. A Pro Domme or Dominatrix requires a fee which buys Her time. This is a pay for play exchange. The important thing to remember is you are responding to something She wants to do: a good Top will listen but you came to Her so She could Dominate you Her way. This is what male submission is all about.

Now you understand why I demand My slaves become the best versions of themselves. Read. Learn. Understand how to be the best sub or Top. Knowing how to play makes the game that much more fun. How would you describe topping from the bottom? I’d like to hear your understanding of the concept.

Well of course you’re turned on, slave. The trick is learning how to channel all that energy into something useful, like making Me happy.

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