Foot Fetish

your Foot fetish amuses Me. I know why My feet amaze you. They put you into a trance. They are perfect. Size 6. Soft and sexy. Too bad you are too much of a loser to see how they smell and taste. you love every inch of them. From My little curled toes to My royal high arches to My soft sweaty soles. you just can’t get enough. Foot boy you have more than a foot fetish… you have a fetish obsession for the feet of a Goddess.

Foot Fetish losers Better Worship My Feet Properly.

Lick the arch of My feet. Nice and slow for a moment… suck every inch. Maybe a nice hard bite or nibble across the ball of My foot. Now fast and wet with that sloppy tongue of yours. Fast up My arch… now stop at the top, right before the ball of My foot… and push hard… flick… that is the spot. Do it right and twist your foot fetish into My orgasm. Yes, slut… a good tongue against My perfect salty-sweet sweaty feet is all this nymph Goddess needs for a bit of Earthly sexual relief. Turn your foot fetish into more. Turn that sick puppy licking foot tongue of yours into a masturbating foot fetish tool. How clever.

Worship For A Goddess’s Perfect Feet.

Study My feet and love them. They are your first chore of body worship as My pet on a leash. I’ll make sure they are filthy. They are to be satisfied before you may move to anything else. Not a foot fetish freak? Well tough luck; I don’t give a damn. Get out of My doorway, and make way for My little footboy… Mmmmm the one who knows what My pretty feet need.

From now and forever… you greet Me by kneeling and kissing My foot.

until then,

Well of course you’re turned on, slave. The trick is learning how to channel all that energy into something useful, like making Me happy.

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