Foot Wash Footboy

Goodmorning pet…

it’s time to crawl over to your Goddess and use that mouth to clean My perfect filthy feet this morning. your mouth is My foot wash, and you will use that pathetic tongue to massage and suck clean each one of My tiny smelly toes until I am satisfied.

…then I will tell you your tasks for the day loserboy…

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Foot Fetish

Your Foot fetish amuses Me. I know why My feet stir such arousal in you and put you into a trance. They are perfect. Size 6. Soft and sexy. Being below them you feel so subjugated and submissive. You just want to worship My feet. That’s more than you deserve being this aroused. The fact that you have become this aroused to My feet feels humbling, humiliating even. Still, you will love and memorize every inch of My feet. From My little curled toes to My royal high arches to My soft sweaty soles. you just can’t get enough. Imagine how they smell and taste. Foot boy you have more than a foot fetish… you have a fetish for the feet of a Goddess.

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