Nylon Foot Domme

When I am dressed in nylons and heels you can’t hold your arousal. Fall to your knees and worship My nylon feet with sexy red polish. Kiss them gently. Show Me you have the willpower to give up control, and I will watch as your basic animal tendencies fuel you to want to touch yourself. The longer I deny you the stronger that feeling grows… until maybe I’ll let you touch your pathetic horny dick for a minute or two… just to make it worse.

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Goddess’ Old Smelly DC Sneakers For A Shoe Shine Boy

My old sneakers are filthy and smelly but you’d do anything to get a wiff.

Breathing heavy at the thought of just getting a sniff of My old filthy DC sneakers. Good. I want you to breathe in deep… take in their pungent smell. Imagine the privilege of “hand” cleaning My shoes. The smell of My sweaty little feet. I know you’ll be the best shoe shine boy for Me…

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Foot Worship

[ foot fetish | ignoring ]

Foot worship… really it’s not the same as foot fetish. I demand foot worship whether you like feet or not.  Same as I demand body worship regardless of what you desire. I demand all of Me to be loved by you, and if you want to please Me you will comply. Really, I’m a Goddess; it’s not hard to fall for My perfection – My Female Superiority and My Divine Female Domination over you.

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My Footstool

I search the room for My footstool in the dimly lit room. Light leaking in through the sheer curtain highlighting My form. A stool for My feet is what I need. For that I know you are ready and eager to comply.

Footstool needed for these beautiful red peep-toe heels to rest on. What a loser you are for Me. I cherish every second; almost as much as you do slave.
Footstool needed for these beautiful red peep-toe heels to rest on. What a loser you are for Me. I cherish every second; almost as much as you do slave.

“Come here pet,” you hear Me call from the living room. I have beckoned you. you crawl towards the direction My voice has come from, anxiously looking for Me. you see Me there, sitting on the couch; My summer dress moving in the faint breeze flowing through the room. My legs covered in a pair of sheer nylons, held up by a white lace garter. It’s My bright red peep-toe heels that really catch your attention. you sit there, like a dog, on all fours as you stare at My crossed legs… mesmerized by Me tapping My shoe in the air.

“Pet! Stop staring and come here now!” I say pointing at the ground beside My feet. you continue to crawl over on your hands and knees, looking up at Me. I lean over. Sliding My two fingers into the ring of your collar I pull; jerking you towards Me, almost knocking you off balance.

…. to be continued for subs only

Want to read the rest of My Footstool story? Only slaves get access.

Foot Wash Footboy

Goodmorning pet…

it’s time to crawl over to your Goddess and use that mouth to clean My perfect filthy feet this morning. your mouth is My foot wash, and you will use that pathetic tongue to massage and suck clean each one of My tiny smelly toes until I am satisfied.

…then I will tell you your tasks for the day loserboy…

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Foot Fetish

Your Foot fetish amuses Me. I know why My feet stir such arousal in you and put you into a trance. They are perfect. Size 6. Soft and sexy. Being below them you feel so subjugated and submissive. You just want to worship My feet. That’s more than you deserve being this aroused. The fact that you have become this aroused to My feet feels humbling, humiliating even. Still, you will love and memorize every inch of My feet. From My little curled toes to My royal high arches to My soft sweaty soles. you just can’t get enough. Imagine how they smell and taste. Foot boy you have more than a foot fetish… you have a fetish for the feet of a Goddess.

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