Fetish is such a vague word. I find people have come to use it to describe anything that is not giving or receiving oral, vaginal intercourse, or anal intercourse. It seems that those are all vanilla and fetish is everything else. Like there is this fetish pattern; a way in which it presents itself in someone. Once one is tired of the normal feelings of simple touch fantasy creeps in. Seeds itself. It intensifies within you. Draws you to it. And once you let it in it blossoms into your fetish and becomes part of you.

Fetish tools are all around you

Fetish is not just handcuffs and whips. How many times have I gagged going through novelty and sex stores and seeing β€˜fetish gear’ that is just as much β€˜fetish’ alone as the easy-bake-oven for kids is a conventional cooking device like mom’s oven? It’s a half ass attempt to bring fetish mainstream and accepted by the masses. At least it may bring out the true nature of some, but mostly is just a marketing ploy to make money. Fetish is so much more. A quick tip: anything can be used as a tool in fetish; it’s all in how you look at it.

Really there’s a bit of fetish… I like to say β€˜kink’ in everyone; whether they would like to admit it or not. Those who like to experience it safely seem to always find Me. haha.

There’s a bit of kink in everyone.

So what do I consider fetish? I believe there are different levels, but it is up to the consenting partners (really any number from one to infinite) on how extreme they want to experience it. Basically, it’s how far they are willing to let themselves go. How much of that animal they will let free. Fetish let’s you become free. It brings you back to basic instinct. Every being will find that they fit either in a Dominant role or a submissive role. Those who claim to be switch in fetish are somewhere in the middle.

Let Me put a fetish β€˜switch’ in perspective. Situations and people draw out different parts of us. There could be times you enjoy the control while in different circumstances (such as with different people or a different scene) giving up that control to them becomes a deep craving. Many people who just enjoy the occasional dirty fetish play could identify with being a switch as roles would manifest as the scene progressed. I have also witnessed Doms submit to Dommes to scratch an itch She is able to reach. It is all for the love of the fetish experience, and there is no judgement in this domain.

Personally, I am always a Dominant.

I am Dominant. I cannot truly switch; as being submissive I am never fully satisfied. It is because of My nature. Now I can still act and pretend, and sometimes will let others hold the reins to see where they may take Me, but it inevitably leads to Me throwing them under Me. The only way for Me to be pleased is for Me to be the one in control. That is part of My fetish.

In fetish and real life a submissive is pleased because s/he can let themselves go and return to basic instinct. What they feel – they do; and they are always guided to be right. To be submissive sets them free. In much the same way being an evil and cruel bitch, that sways My beauty over you useless dicklet to control you, sets Me free.

The many sexes in fetish.

Yes there is a spectrum with what sex you may identify with. For My purpose in play I generally restrict it to purely masculine and feminine. From there I effectively play; breaking and blurring the lines between both to mold and humiliate My slave into exactly what I want from them.

To Me sex plays an important role in fetish and in how I use a slave. I deal with female slavery one way and male slavery another. To Me there can be a big difference between a female slave and a male slave; I push limits and that in and of itself differs from pet to pet.

A Domme or Dom in fetish is very unique to sex and how strong they are as a Dominant; as there are times one will overpower the other and switch them for Her/His own personal pleasure. The body offers instruments and society offers stigmas that both can use to their own advantage in play. Then again if a man falls to his knees and sucks My toes does it really make him submissive? Possibly. It is intent that matters. As always submission is a gift. It can only be given, not taken.

Fetish itself can be as simple as cuffs and whips, but fetish in its truest form is emotional, complicated, moist, and gets deep into the human psyche… that deep fetish hallow is where I reside. Welcome to My domain.

Goddess πŸ’‹

Well of course you’re turned on, slave. The trick is learning how to channel all that energy into something useful, like making Me happy.

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