Male Submission and The Best Tributes

Are you a submissive male? It’s not every day you meet a real submissive who not just enjoys but practices Gynarchy. Many submissive males are more fetishists or kinksters online; thinking of their own needs and desires. How can a male do anything else when he has free access to his dick with no consequences.

Selfish submission has its own consequences.

The truth is there are consequences, and you cannot avoid them. Guilt, over masturbation, desensitizing, ego, misaligned chakras, and total unbalanced health and zen. Not to mention if you don’t use it you loose it; the ability to please a Woman. It is also the reason Superior Women keep rejecting you or seem shallow; you get what you give.

Gynarchy means Female Rule and males submit

Do you practice Gynarchy? I mention it often. The only way to get better at something is to practice; practice every day. If you question your submission it’s because you have fallen out of practice. Keep the concept of Female rule in your daily meditation and thought process whenever you deal with a Woman who holds Herself with Superiority, or any Woman you encounter or think of.

When you practice Gynarchy and male submission throughout your day you will be amazed at how your life falls into balance. The Women of the world are your mothers, teachers, punishers, and caregivers. This is why you idolize the Goddess; She will always be there for you should you stay balanced in your practice.

Why Tribute?

Tribute is always a topic with Female Domination and male submission. I am surprised how many boys run around the internet with schemes tryinf to get without giving. It’s no wonder the FemDoms have all turned FinDom and require tributes first. What have you done silly boys? A Woman should never have to ask twice. If She does, then you’ve already lost; a real Domme already knows you’re not a true submissive and practice Gynarchy. you are frauding saying you are submissive; only labeling to satisfy your own fetishes without practice it a lie and leave you in a shallow pool alone.

The best Tributes are those you never have to ask for.

Goddess SheDevil

I don’t do this just for money, just as you don’t. It is one of the many, arguably most versatile, types of Tribute. Similar to giving time. It is a means. A way to show thanks and appreciation. So when it is sent without prompt it is that much more significant. It makes Me smile; I know I have made you a happy pet. In return you help make Me a Goddess.

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Well of course you’re turned on, slave. The trick is learning how to channel all that energy into something useful, like making Me happy.     submit

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