Bye Bye Boxers

“it is time for you to get some panties sissy, as boxers are for real men” that was the message i woke up to that wonderful Friday morning. As exciting as it was to read it did sting my manhood pretty hard. When Goddess and i met, i had mentioned i had always had a kink for women’s clothing but had been too chicken to do anything about it. Now it seems that was about to change.

It was determined i would go buy five sets of pink panties to start. They were to be purchased at my ex girlfriend’s favorite lingerie store. “Maybe you can match sissy, wouldn’t that be cute on a lunch date?”

I could not describe the feelings of excitement that were coursing through my body. My very own panties a step towards being a true sissy.

However there were some very clear instructions that followed. i was to find the most attractive sales girl to help me, and if i was asked i could only say they were for my girlfriend’s enjoyment. As my face got red reading that last part, came the instructions that began my true transformation. “sissy make sure to send a video of you throwing your boxers in a trash bag and a public dumpster”. Mistaking I asked a clarifying question about throwing all my manly underwear away. it was something along the lines that i could explain a chastity device to a women if it ever got that far, but a cage and panties no way. “You need not worry about that anymore, sissy; since Sissy’s are pussy free, silly girl.”

After sending Goddess the requested video i was off to Victoria Secrets, filled with anxiety and excitement. Little did i realize humiliation was soon to follow. I sheepishly walked into the store and found a gorgeous blond salesgirl to assist in my task. In what became 45 mins of pure embarrassment. Knowing very little of panties i was not sure how to answer her questions at first.

What size is your girlfriend?
Not sure of her size, describe her body type to me.
What cut does she like?
Which fabrics are her favorite?
Is she looking for everyday use, or is this something sexy to spice things up?

As i stumbled through my answers it became very clear who the panties were for. “Oh don’t worry sweetie I have clients just like you, we will find you just what You need”.

After 45 mins of total humiliation and excitement I was feeling proud I had accomplished Goddess task. I promptly messaged her expecting praise for what I had done. However the response was a tad different. “Good sissy, now go find a bathroom and put on your sexiest pair, than go to your favorite sports bar for a beer. Don’t forget to send me a pic from the bar”

i didn’t think I could go redder than i had that day, but i was beat red sipping my beer pondering what did Goddess mean when she said pussy free earlier.

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