One Message and my life changed

I have always been attracted to strong beautiful woman. Ones that knew what they wanted and how to get it. Over the last year of my life the idea of serving a Goddess had become more and more appealing. I wasn’t just looking for a quick kink related fetish that would be over after a session or two. I wanted to learn how to serve, and become the best possible mate for a future FLR. I want this to be my lifestyle, serving and pleasing always putting woman first.

After following Goddess SheDevil online for a few weeks I approached properly to introduce myself. Immediately I felt a comfort level in taking a submissive position to her superior nature. After a few messages it felt like she knew who I was pretending to be, and who she knew I was destined to be.

I was blessed and Goddess agreed to allow me to enter a life of service to her. She was very clear that my life was about to change, and who I thought I was would no longer exist. She would mold me to be her perfect pet.

It was at that moment life changed, my first act of service was to buy a chastity cage, to prove that I was no longer controlled by my desires and manhood but by the whims of my Goddess.

8/17/20 that cage was locked and Goddess had take control. My mornings start with daily worship. Bowing at her alter to remind myself daily what and who is important and why.

I will chronicle more my transformation from rude jock to Goddess’s loyal pet.

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