Going Shopping at My paypiggies Expense

Shopping at My paypiggies Expense. Yes, shopping piggy! All at your expense… well for this little piggy that is. It is always a good day for My paypiggy when I wake up with his wallet in hand. It’s time for shopping, and I need a bitch to carry My bags. I’ve picked out My outfit and picked out My shoes. I will be out for a while shopping so you can be sure there won’t be a penny left, and these heels are bound to get filthy parading My perfect feet around.

Going Shopping at My paypiggies Expense. Money Tribute from a loser paypiggy who is begging Me to use him as My personal piggy bank wallet and go shopping at his expense.

A paypiggies Expense For Goddess’s Shopping Pleasure

Good pay piggies know how to make their Goddess smile. There may just be some extra milking tonight. It is guaranteed, now that I have a hold of this little piggies wallet there is no escape. I will make him suffer until he begs for more.

Know he will revel in his servitude. Every. Single. Second.

Going Shopping at My paypiggies Expense. Greedy Goddess takes thousands to go shopping at My paypiggies expense… but it doesn’t make this piggy squeal as much as this heel does driving into his balls as I get ready in My sexy strappy Guess heels.

A paypiggy Squeals As I Squeeze Every Last Drop.

I will squeeze him until every last drop of his hard earned cash is spent. How long has he been begging to serve these perfect heels, of a divine Goddess and give Me everything.

By the end of the day My paypiggy will be drained beyond comprehension of who he is, while you sit there fapping to these pictures waiting for your turn to have My attention and be My lucky wallet…

Goddess 💵👠🎁

I know you’re looking for more… this is barely a taste of My Financial Domination

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Well of course you’re turned on, slave. The trick is learning how to channel all that energy into something useful, like making Me happy.     submit

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