Chastity Belt

A chastity belt is the best kind of ‘belt’ I like to see on any man of Mine. Haha. Why is that? Because I know you can’t help touching that piece of man meat between your legs when you see Me… when you hear My voice speak and seduce you it throbs… really you brought this unto yourself. It is just the beginning; to be snug tight in a chastity belt. Put away your little prick and you will obey better.

Really you should thank Me for putting a chastity belt on you. It help calms that nasty part of you that thinks of only its own pleasure. Now that your attention is fully on Me your training may begin and intensify. I frankly don’t care if it hurts. If you need a chastity belt there is good reason, and the pain will be a constant reminder of how pathetic you really are… and who owns you, and your sissy cock.

I’ve Been Locking Up Bitches Like you For Years

I have been putting My males in chastity since I was a teenager. Oh, and don’t complain about blue balls either. That is just ruining the purpose of that chastity belt on your dick. It’s there so you stop thinking about you man-meat. The more you think about that cock the less I will… which means that it will be locked up and forgotten about for a very, very long time…

Yes I will put chastity on you right now sissy bitches. Close the little device around your meat. Click the tiny lock and let it hang there on you. Putting your tiny golden keys between My breasts, where it will stay evermore. It remains Mine. Behave pet; as a chastity belt only is for training, but those who continually fail Me have to look forward to a permanent male chastity device.

A Chastity Belt is Really your Only Option Slut

For those of you unruly sluts of men who are in need of a little controlled abstinence – for whatever the reason – and do not have a Key Holder or a Significant Dominant Other to personally supervise your state of male chastity, I am happy to be that cruel Goddess who truly holds the keys to your pleasure. That is of course, if you dare to hand over control to Me! *giggles* It means you will be placing the decision of when you next experience release in My loving yet cruel hands. 

Looking for Me to hold you in a chastity belt? Ready to give up that pathetic thing you call a penis to My sadistic tendencies and My teachings? I will use your arousal against you, and by using your chastity belt I will bring your vile behaviour under control; resulting in a more placid, obedient and loving male. It is once I properly break you and humble you that your puppy training will commence. you will not fail. I can assure you of that. 

Interested in Goddess SheDevil’s Key Holding Services?

Goddess SheDevil’s Chastity Belt Service

If you want to be My chaste chastity belt bitch mail the following items to Me:

  • A photo of your cock in chastity with the date (showing your face is optional)
  • A video of you locking up your cock and enclosing keys in envelope to Me.
  • Your keys for Me to keep and I may send back only at times I allow you to cum (then you must return it immediately!)
  • Initial set up fee: $50-$100
  • Weekly fee: $100+

Goddess SheDevil’s chastity belt service entitles hold of your sexuality. You will be in constant contact with Her and She will access your training and when – IF – you have done enough to receive the reward of ejaculation. She will teach you self control over your little dick, how to milk yourself by stimulating your man pussy and much more. This is intended for those who are undergoing training with Goddess but available to any sissy who can’t control his own dicklet.

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Well of course you’re turned on, slave. The trick is learning how to channel all that energy into something useful, like making Me happy.     submit

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