Your First Cock

you clench your eyes shut and choked and gagged on this strangers cock. It was forced deep down closing your air ways; making you fight the hold on your head and pulling away gasping for breath and inhaling deeply. you feel hands on you back… finger tips running up and down your body and the still familiar warm yet terrifying hand on the back of your head, compassionately letting you breathe before pushing you pathetic head back down onto the long unknown cock.

you did your best to please Me – as your Goddess – and the man whose cock pushed into your throat and forcing you to gag. Before long the cock changed, this one was shorter but much thicker and easier for you to handle. Nimbly you worked your tongue around the tip and bobbed your head up and down on it, gently nibbling and beginning to get more into your so-called punishment.

I knew you were a cock whore and knew how much you craved to have it deep in your mouth.

My hand was still on the back of your head, controlling the speed and the force of which you performed. The man started thrusting his hips forward…

…. to be continued for subs only

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