Topdrop & Subdrop Why it happens

The drop after the BDSM high

Topdrop & Subdrop are terms you should know if you take part in any Dominant/submissive experiences. They happen, more often than not, because our emotional depth from an experience and the real world collides, and can be devastating.The stronger and deeper you venture into your fantasies the more likely a drop will occur. There are measures to follow to prevent and manage Topdrop or subdrop. As much as they are similar they are also different.

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The Urge to Dominate

The Dominating Female

It’s a calling from inside. It doesn’t have to manifest sexually, but it can. When it does, the possibilities of arousal and limits are endless. It can rule you or empower you.

Some are dominant in their home life; others are the boss at work. Still others find hobbies, lead workshops, and find outlets to excel in something they (hopefully) enjoy. Sometimes it is just excelling at something that brings this rush. So, it is not hard for anyone, regardless of how submissive, to understand the urge to dominate.

For Me it doesn’t stop at the desire to excel, but to constantly push limits, and be the catalyst of fantasies; entirely in control of your blissful subjugated experience. Manifesting the impossible possible. The control satisfies Me. Your servitude and futile attempts at fulfilling My cruel insatiable demands humours Me.

Dominating a sub, when they are strong, gives Me balance; it trickles through My life and days in ways that make Me the best version of Myself, as I uphold the standards I set. Being a good submissive is a gift to his/her Goddess, and one that is treasured. My glory comes from the exchange of power between My submissive and I.

I have found Mine in Domination; what will give you balance?

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