Service Topping

Looking for a Lifestyle FemDom & FinDom FLR, to join My Gynarchy Order, a Dominant Fetish Therapist, a strict Mistress to keep you in line, or maybe a Dominatrix to make your fantasies reality? Maybe you need a Beautiful Dominant Female Coach to tell you what to do that makes you submit to your success. I offer many customized services for paying clients. My time is not cheap; I am worth every dollar.

I have the right of refusal at any time and will exercise the right to terminate a service at anytime if I find you unable to serve for (mental) health or other reasons. Know your limits; you are responsible for your wellbeing and being able to communicate.

If you have interest in multiple services I can overlap them in My Domination over you; it is natural to want to submit to Me in every way possible. Every slave is unique. I am a Lifestyle Domme after all; Let Me customize your submission to Me to fit your life.

All sessions are ONLINE ONLY

I can do whatever I want. I play and Dominate My slaves when I want, and how I want. I don’t always require financial tribute every time I choose to play or converse with a slave. I have no problem making it clear if I desire financial tribute to play (you are welcome to decline without guilt/punishment).

If you’re a good pet and making Me happy then odds are you are satisfying what I expect from you financially. There are many ways in which you can tribute Me and make My life better, and this often develops within a good functioning arrangement that works for both of Uus. Above all My pets goal should be to please their Goddess and be the best version of themselves.

If you desire to play always expect to pay tribute. It may not always be the case for subs I like, but it is better to be prepared than disappointed.

Initial Tribute is required before discussing services or arrangements for a new slave — content requests are exempt
If you are interested in something not listed ask, I don’t bite too hard.

Chastity / Keyholding $20/wk – $50/wk+
Lifestyle FemDom & FinDom FLR $20/wk – $50/wk+
Ownership $50/wk+
My Gynarchy Order $20/wk+
FemDom Coach / Dominant Fetish Therapist $50/wk+
Strict Mistress / Dominatrix / Pro Domme $50/wk+
Feminziation $50/wk+
Financial Domination – please inquire
Blackmail – please inquire
Online Instructions $80/month+

RT humiliation or exposure game $20+ deposit
Wheel spin $5 spin or 3 for $10
Debt contract $50 deposit

I offer many types of text sessions. Not limited to Tease and Denial, Guided Masturbation, JOI, Humiliation, SPH, Task giving, Feminization, Coaching
$3/min chat [or .50 a turnaround] 10min minimum tribute ($30)
– add on 1 clip or 3 pics for $7

$50 first time fee for Skype access and first 5 minutes
Live 1-way (I see you) webcam/voice session $20+/5mins
Live webcam session $30+/5mins
Live webcam Ignoring $20+/5mins
Live webcam BDSM – inquire

Custom – Custom content does not require initial tribute but must be paid upfront.
Slave Tasks $10
Photos $5 each or 3 for $10
Videos $15+/min
BDSM Videos $20+/min
2 minute minimums on all videos

Lifestyle FemDom & FinDom FLR – unowned/owned

I am a Dominant Woman with many fetishes. I can be loving and I can be cruel. I use the tools of FemDom to enhance My daily life. We all follow Gynarchy here; My minions fulfill their need to submit to a Gorgeous Superior Woman by pleasing Me as I desire. Looking to truly satisfy a FemDom completely as a good submissive on My terms to make My life better? This can be, but is not always sexual in nature. It is the path to be the best submissive.

It is a great way to approach Me if you are looking to earn being owned by Me; being owned and My attention is something you earn. It also is great for those who simply enjoy the interaction with a real Domme without ownership.

Initial tribute is required [min $20]. For that you get access to My content and can learn who I am, My attention and some ongoing real time interaction. There will be tribute/FinDom opportunities for those who want more attention. The more I like you and/or tip the more I will interact with you. [tribute over time expected: min $20/wk+ | $50/wk+ owned]

My Gynarchy Order

Female Rule is the nature order and what gives balance. Expand yourself and get tasks to improve your slavery to Beautiful Superior Women. I train you and keep you to your mantras. Whether you are currently in a relationship you want to become FLR or are looking to learn how to attract a Dominant Woman for a FLR I can teach you how to manifest your dreams. By being a strict Mistress and keeping you in your place I will make you the best slave for your Female Superior(s).

Do you have a Woman in your life that you want to actively submit to? Do you or Her need guidance on how to approach Gynarchy, FLR, or adding kink into your life? This is the Order you need in your life. I will teach you to transform your lives with Gynarchy for lifestyle or occasional BDSM play. Learn how kink is rooted in Gynarchy.

Initial tribute is required [min $20] to become part of My Gynarchy Order. The more ongoing tribute the more customized the tasks and My attention to you.

FemDom Coach / Dominant Fetish Therapist

Sometimes you need someone to talk to, and what better therapy than that by a Dominant Woman who will make you submit to your success? I offer counselling to those who may feel confused or desires to speak to a Superior Woman about their fetishes.

Desire to step up and become more attractive and improve your health? Need a strict FemDom coach to keep you accountable; keep you to your diet, exercise, life and financial goals. Let Me help you be the best version of yourself; I will be your Muse.

Initial tribute is required [min $20] for consultation. Tribute is treated as a retainer for My time and services and must be paid upfront.
~ $3/min chat [or .69 a turnaround] – $4-6/min live therapy or coaching sessions

Strict Mistress / Dominatrix / Pro Domme

Be My little slave bitch. Let’s be honest, it’s what you really want. That’s why it costs you, and you will gladly pay for the pleasure of My attention and Divinity. This is a pay4play service. I give zero fucks about what you think. If you’re broke then re-evaluate your life and seek help.

Leather-clad Dominatrix punishing you or smoking Hotwife in high heels humiliating you. Whatever your fetish I have you covered. Kiss My feet, worship My body, fat ass, and perfect breasts. Suffer sadistic punishment for My pleasure, or be teased and denial to ruin. you will Love Me and do anything for My pleasure and your release.

Initial tribute is required [min $20] for consultation. Tribute is treated as a retainer for My time and services and must be paid upfront; custom content request exempt and must be paid in full.
~ $3/min chat [or .69 a turnaround] – $4-6/min+ live webcam

Chastity / Keyholding

I enjoy chastity, keyholding & orgasm control using various FemDom & Gentle FemDom (GFD) techniques. I enjoy virtual experiences in real time settings with proof of service through My slaves photo and video submissions for My pleasure.

Financial Domination

Online Instructions

If you’re looking strictly for pay4play with timeline structure consider My online instructions. Multiple packages available at a set price.

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Well of course you’re turned on, slave. The trick is learning how to channel all that energy into something useful, like making Me happy.     submit