This is Gynarchy; where Superoior Women rule and submissive men and sissies serve. It is a practice of balance, sacrifice, and prolonged satisfaction. Female rule and Female Led Relationships are My way of life and My teachings. It is part of Gynarchy Order. At its extreme it is not for everyone, but whether you realize it or not, you have found satisfaction in serving a Woman before and you’ll feel it again; even if not in the ways you intend…

This is not a lifestyle of sex. It is a lifestyle of philosophy and fulfillment. It requires discipline and the will to prolong pleasure, endure sacrifice and challenge beyond the body. The level of submission is determined by and cannot exceed the level of trust in oneself and one’s Teacher.

To endure pain for Her pleasure is the sexiest of all

My practices are similar to those of tantric sex. I encourage Gynarchy and Female Led Relationships for all; not just My personal pets. Women are natural-born enforcers. We are sexually Dominant. Women select and We reject. We exert influence without effort. We have the power. Understand this and assume the correct position beneath Our feet. You are lucky to be selected even as a servant by a Woman.

If you are looking for to improve yourself or your relationship(s) there is much I can teach you. I demand you be the best version of yourself through discipline, practice, and humility.

Gynarchy and Sexuality

Gynarchy does not need to be sexual; although it is hard to separate sexuality from Oour lives completely when it comes to satisfaction and completeness. Every man and Woman has their own needs in public life as well as sexually and emotionally; the purpose of a FLR is to find a partner(s) to explore Oour fetishes in a natural way with balance and order. To use Woman’s power over man’s strength to manifest all your dreams and desires.

Kink is non-conventional sexual practices. Fetish is a form of sexual desire in which gratification is linked to an abnormal degree to a particular thing. Engaging in these terms means you are aware sexuality is involved.

My kinks and fetishes are directly tied to FemDom and Gynarchy. It matters what you practice in your every day life and creating peace with your dark passenger and kinks. It is why I am a Lifestyle Domme, but also offer Fem Coaching and Service Topping as a Pro Domme. I am genuinely driven to use your sexuality to make you be the best version of yourself, because your kinkiness is your best motivator.

Nature is Gynarchy

When some witness a Superior Woman they are overwhelmed; intrigued, infatuated, horrified, turned on, and afraid simultaneously. They believe they are looking at something supernatural. It terrifies them, but She is nature Herself; with all the power of creation and destruction. The truth is they are, and that is why Women are beyond comprehension.

Submission is something you practice. It is not always perfect. It is ever learning, growing, and evolving. It is something you willingly give and blossoms when you find the right Goddess to worship. Keep practicing and serve Gynarchy; let nature take its course.

It is fear that keeps the weak man from giving up control and the Woman from demanding it. I have hope that in practice and time enough people will be able to spread the joys of FLRs, so that more may adopt it and feel the completeness and balance it brings.

Are you looking for more Gynarchy in your life? Follow Me and the wonderful Goddess’ and pets in My circle and you will find the completeness you are seeking in your submission. Want to serve Me and train in My Gynarchy Order? Contact Me titled “Gynarchy Please” explaining why you would like Gynarchy in your life. Tribute is required for My time.

Goddess SheDevil πŸ’‹

Well of course you’re turned on, slave. The trick is learning how to channel all that energy into something useful, like making Me happy. ~ Goddess SheDevil