Goddess SheDevil Worship Relics

Throughout the ages people have built shrines to honour the Gods and Goddesses. It is a place to worship your Goddess and be an ever present display in your loyalty to Me and My Gynarchy Order. you, My slave, will do the same if you desire to become My loyal pet and valued by Me, Goddess SheDevil. The shrine you build for Me may be big or small, or even a collection of My worship relics packed safely in a chest with purple lining that you can set up to worship.

A shrine is a holy or sacred site dedicated to a specific deity, ancestor, hero, martyr, saint, daemon, or similar figure of respect, wherein they are venerated or worshipped. Shrines often contain idols, relics, or other such objects associated with the figure being venerated.

cite: wiki – Shrine

On your knees for Me weekly, daily, and anytime I command; you must love and worship Me. Kiss My shoes, inhale the smell of My glorious feet, run My used nylons and panties along your face, and lick up ever drop of My juices saturated in My used articles for your worship. I will consume you and you will always need more.

There are many of Goddess’s personal items for sale as worship relics for your shrine; they pair well with slave tasks. Message Me for any requests. Price below are general and may change based on specifications. Discount on multiple items; shipping will be combined when possible.

All items come with photo(s). Custom videos can be added on for an additional $20. Slave Tasks can be added for $10/ea.

Goddess Personalized Relics

  • Hand written letter $50+
  • Signed 5×7 print $50
  • Mantra $15
  • Meditation/Worship audio $35

Article Relics

If you don’t see something below then ask. For special current articles check out Goddess’ used articles.

  • Shoes & High Heels $50+
  • Worn Panties/Thong $30*
  • Piss Panties $40
  • Creamie Pie Panties $55
  • Worn Stockings $35*
  • Worn Pantyhose $40*
  • Worn Gym Socks $35*

    *worn as normal +$25 per extra day wear

Consumable Goddess Vials

All these come in containers/vials and are used at your own discretion

  • Spit $75
  • Golden Nectar $65
  • Bath Water $25
  • Bidet Water $70
  • Creamie Pie $100
  • Snowball $115

Cleaning Services & Misc Services

I occasionally allow good pets to provide Me laundering, cleaning, and other services in which I send you articles and/or objects along with a task. It often requires shipping the article back to Me and includes very personalized instructions for My personal service need. Inquire if interested.

Shipping & Handling

I ship within Canada and USA; some articles can be shipped internationally. Items will be shipped discreetly with priority mail packaging. Shipping is a flat $30 in Canada and $40 to the USA. International will depend on country and post desired. Items will not be shipped until payment has been received.
Canada $30 | USA $40 | International $50+

Payment Methods

All prices are in USD. I do not accept gifts as payment. I have many payment options to accommodate you.

US cashapp: $GoddessSheDevil
Canada E-transfer: shoegoddess696@gmail.com
International: discreet PP upon request

add 20% for Am@zon, OF or AVN

Am@zon GC: shoegoddess696@gmail.com
OnlyFans: onlyfans.com/shoegoddess
AVNStars: avnstars.com/goddessshedevil

Or, you may send cash, cheque or International Money Order. Prices are USD.
Leave the ‘pay to the order of’ line blank. Items will not be shipped until payment has been received.

Message Goddess SheDevil for any requests.

Well of course you’re turned on, slave. The trick is learning how to channel all that energy into something useful, like making Me happy.

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