FLR my happy life

To serve Goddess has been a true awaking and pleasure. Discovering that i was a beta hiding behind an Alpha mask has been an eye opener.

To say i was your typical rude male would be an understatement. Always concerned with own needs first prevented me from truly enjoying the relationships with women i had. Goddess immediately wanted to change this behavior, if i was to serve i had to prove i was capable of doing it. Goddess refuses to take a flake or someone that fakes their service.

It started with properly addressing Goddess and myself. Goddess wanted to know if i was serious and would lock up β€œmy” dick. In reality it is Goddess’s and hers to decide what to do with. Once i was locked and sent her the key it took away my biggest self servicing need. Pleasure is a privilege for a sub, but a must have for Goddess.

The first thought on my mind every morning is my Goddess. The first thing i do everyday is wish my Goddess a good morning and ask what May i do today to make her life better. The second thing i do is worship at her alter, practicing my slave positions and working on my flexibility. Goddess deserves perfection, and even though i am a beta sub that will never get there doesn’t stop me from practicing and trying every day. Because of this my day always starts out in the perfect mood. i have no problems if my Goddess is happy.

My tasks, my job and now my lifestyle is geared to her pleasure. Since serving i have lost 30 lbs – Even though i am her pet that will never enjoy her physical perfection is no reason for me not to be attractive. Goddess doesn’t enjoy looking at sloths or out of shape whales. The days i get good girl/pet/sissy/slave are the best days. My needs are now met when Goddess’s needs are met. Sacrifice is the greatest gift i can offer. That comes in many forms.

Because of Goddess i have much better relationships with the superior women in my life. Servicing Goddess has taught me i am not just servicing her but all women. I bow to their presence. Emotional satisfaction has been way more enjoyable then any physical satisfaction i enjoyed in the past.

Goddess owns my mind, heart and soul. As it should be. This is the life i was meant to live.

As Goddess has mentioned i will share how i have been transformed from rude jock to pussy free sissy, and all the humiliation that has come and continues to thrive daily in my life. My humiliation provides entertainment, satisfaction and pleasure to her. It should be no other way.

Well of course you’re turned on, slave. The trick is learning how to channel all that energy into something useful, like making Me happy.

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