Locktober Chastity Challenge 2022 – strengthen your edge

Locktober is intended to be a fun challenge for everyone partaking and in the divine world of chastity, just like the vast range of cages, there is no one style that suits everyone. That said, this is My style of Keyholding and Chastity and some basic principles for you, My pet, to follow throughout the month:

Locktober Chastity Challenge

The Goal is to Partake in Chastity for 31 Days – Cage or Cageless

Whether that means being permanently locked up for the whole month or wearing a cage just 20 minutes a day each day, you will agree to mental chastity; your cock is going to be off limits without My direct permission of how and what you may do with it.

If you have an active lifestyle or are new to Chastity Devices but still want to partake, challenge yourself to spending an hour every day or 31 nights in a chastity device but “hang free” while you’re active during the day.

For those late to the party, just because you didn’t start on October 1st doesn’t mean you can’t still join in! It’s definitely the taking part that counts!

Device Removal

Full removal is only allowed for permanently locked slaves for cleaning once a week and during times agreed upon prior to in writing by Me. When not in a device Mental Chastity will remain permanently – hands off My cock.

Set your Intentions

Permanently locked, mental chastity, occasional device wear. Whichever you choose you’re going to last the whole month; increasing your submission to Me day after day. Knowing I have a plan for you will help you keep on track in a moment of despair! Obviously you want to please a Beautiful Goddess, but I want you to commit on a personal level this month; feel the depths of your sexually submissive capabilities.

Ready to hand over your chronic masturbation habits over to a Mistress? To finally take that step of complete submission to something greater than you. I use Chastity to take your desire to stroke, and rush of orgasm anticipation to fuel your servitude. The more you ache, the more eager you perform. In time your mind will connect your pain and pleasure with your slavery to Me.

Write down your expectations and what you desire to accomplish, and share it with Me. This will help the month pass for you with an enjoyable level of frustration.


For some slaves locktober is a way to practice staying locked for a whole month, whereas others use it combined with total abstinence; a full month of chastity and no orgasms, even caged ones.

I find a life without orgasms, or atleast the tantalizing hope that one might be possible to obtain, boring. What is pain without pleasure? I love orgasms of all kinds. Full orgasms. Ruined orgasms. Caged orgasms. Shooting-across-the-room orgasms. Uncontrolable leaking mess of an orgasm. Why I love Locktober is because the Denied Orgasm is the star, especially combined with Teasing; keeping you in that submissive state and watching you spin gives Me such pleasure.

Will I allow you orgasm(s)? The key part is “will I”, not you. your goal is to keep yourself from orgasm by your own will while building your arousal and desire. To have the strength and discipline to hold on to that desperation as long as you can, until I give you permission how to release. That is the theme of My Locktober Chastity Challenge; stengthen your edge.

To Edge or Not To Edge Locktober Chastity Challenge

Like your pain, you pay for your pleasure. To be eligible to compete in the leaderboards you must be tributing a minimum of $50/wk. This can be done in lump sums or draining during your submission/stroking. For example: Send when you start, Send when you end, and Send whenever you reach the edge.

Lock up your cock with a Chastity Device for Goddess SheDevil

Locktober Chastity Challenge Leaderboard

The score will be comprised of:

  1. Days locked
  2. Tribute/Time spent edging or worshipping
  3. Additional Slave Tasks completed
  4. Total Sent
  5. Bonus achievements

I will summarize the Top Locktober Slaves each week on Sunday and the top chaste pet that week will receive a special DM from Me.

At the end of the month I will tally up all the scores and award the Top Locktober Slaves as follows:

πŸ’‹ The winner will receive a package from Me and Video Call session time

πŸ‘  Second place will be granted a custom content boon of their choice

πŸŽ‰ Third, Forth and Fifth places will receive a content/subscription discount codes

May the odds be ever in your favour. Happy Locking.

Goddess SheDevil πŸ’‹

Lock Up For Goddess SheDevil Now!

Want to join in and lock that cock up for Me for a chance to win a special reward? Subscribe to My fansites or send tribute, then download this image and sign it with your name/username and date and send it to Me. Want a more specific personal contract? $50+

Locked For Goddess SheDevil – Chastity Contract Signature

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