Dermatographia Goddess

Why So Sensitive

Dermatographia, along with My empathic sensitivity, is something I’ve had My whole life and puts a whole new meaning to wearing your heart on your sleeve. ๐Ÿ’œ

I can be cruel and I can be loving. I am an empathic and highly sensitive Goddess through to My core. Moreso than you may know. A little known fact about Me is that I have Dermatographia; a skin sensitivity. Dermatographia is a condition also known as skin writing that affects 2%-5% of the population. If you see marks on My skin now you know why; all it takes is a touch. It lasts from minutes to hours. A slave may never touch Me until explicitly directed how I desire them to do so. Yes, even your sweat can be toxic to Me if you’re not balanced. My lotions, makeup, food and everything I consume must be of the highest quality. This is the way to please Me.

“It is theorized that it is a histamine reaction, released by mast cells on the surface of the skin. ย Stress, infection, emotion, exercise, heat, and antibiotics such asย penicillinย can trigger a reaction. When patients with dermographism lightly scratch the surface of their skin, the area reddens and develops a wheal. This usually disappears completely with 30 minutes but has the potential to last for days.”

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Being a Goddess Only The Finest Will Do

My sensitivity requires many things; both physical and not. There is a quality I require in everything I consume. What I wear, eat, drink, read, watch, and who I associate with must meet My standards physically, mentally and emotionally. There must be order, care, balance, and craftsmanship. It is the way of a Goddess.

Dermatographia is just one of the many ways My sensitivity manifests in a way you can see. Maybe you’ll see a body blush when I’m excited; it happens when I am Dominanting quite often. If you’ve ever had the privilege of speaking or serving Me you know that it is not simply skin deep. I have a mind, heart, and soul that can only be acquired by diving deep within oneself. My high sensitivity and empathy are My super powers, and I use them as such.

Dermatographia, along with My empathic sensitivity, is something I’ve had My whole life and puts a whole new meaning to wearing your heart on your sleeve. ๐Ÿ’œ

I require order and balance for peace of mind. It is why I have no qualms about taking charge and demanding it. It is easy to tell when I am pleased, upset, or unsatisfied in any way. My body and actions make it easy to know how I am feeling before I even need to utter a word. It is My gift to you. My sensitivity is open to you; for comfort, when you are finally ready to take that leap, open your deepest desires to Me, and reach your limits. As easy as it is for Me to get into your head; I want it just as simple for you to know you are pleasing your Goddess.

Become in touch with your sensitive side and know it is always safe with Me. Let go of your selfishness. Be mindful and you will achieve that freedom you so crave. Be the best version of yourself; as I am. Practice Gynarchy daily.

Goddess SheDevil ๐Ÿ’‹

Well of course youโ€™re turned on, slave. The trick is learning how to channel all that energy into something useful, like making Me happy.

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