Mr. Sissy Maid

There are lots of guys and girls on who enjoy being the submissive maid to their Superior Partners. I’ve seen it done many different ways, but one theme remains constant amongst submissive males, house pets, slaves, and sissy maids: Obedience.

you Will Be My Sissy Maid

They must behave. You must make your maid boy or girl behave, because if s/he doesn’t s/he gets spanked and punished and locked away. Maybe a little hot wax on the bum. There are lots of clever forms of sultry punishment to bear upon a misbehaving submissive male or sissy slut.

It’s not necessarily the chores themselves that arouses these pets. In fact some hate them. It’s the idea that he is doing slave work for Her so that She can relax like a Queen while Her bitch boy toy waits on his hands and knees for Her; excited for Her next command. In many cases the more the slave hates the chores the more meaningful and happy s/he is doing them for Her.

Slave Maids Wear What I Want

There is something satisfying to a Woman when She watches Her pet feminized in a Female’s maid uniform while s/he cleans and house and serves Her. Some like the frills and others go for a less feminine outfit of chip-and-dale style bowtie and pants. To Me I like both; each have a time. On the day to day I prefer something in the middle. Collar and cuffs with an apron alone – ass exposed – is perfect to keep them humiliated and makes any punishment (for slacking, taking too long with their chores, or just for fun) quick and effortless.


Well of course you’re turned on, slave. The trick is learning how to channel all that energy into something useful, like making Me happy.

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