Foot Worship

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Foot worship… really it’s not the same as foot fetish. I demand foot worship whether you like feet or not.Β  Same as I demand body worship regardless of what you desire. I demand all of Me to be loved by you, and if you want to please Me you will comply. Really, I’m a Goddess; it’s not hard to fall for My perfection – My Female Superiority and My Divine Female Domination over you.

Foot Worship Is A Slave Service Requirement

Kneel before Me slave. You hands on the floor and your head down upon them until I give you direction. You will always show Me your love by worshipping My feet, kissing each toe on each foot with passion and desire. Use that tongue of yours, practice daily. Good foot worship will always make My orgasm that much better, and this is a must if you want to run that damn tongue of yours higher than My ankles.

[ high heels | shoe fetish | dangling ]

When I put My foot in a beautiful high heel shoe you will diligently kiss and clean it; because if I’m going to put it on a pedestal like that I expect you to worship it properly. Worship My sexy foot with all of you. Message it, kiss it, and lick it. When I sweat you will suck My salty juices from between My toes. When you are done with one foot you will work on the other. This is the way to please your Mistress of desire.

Worship My Perfect Feet and Be My Footstool

your body will be My footstool; you will be a place to rest My feet, and My heels whenever I so choose. When I snap My fingers you watch for direction; see where I want you to kneel. Where I want you to be a rest for My feet that carry My perfection everywhere.

Bathe them and drink the water that My feet rested in. Be grateful. That water running through you is filled with Me, My taste, and My body. Worship My feet as I get pleased by a higher sub, maybe a bull. Yes, it’s likely I am going to cuckold you while you perform foot worship; it’s My fetish. And you won’t bother with jealousy… no… because you know you know your place. you are an animal; and to be grateful for the privileges I give you.


Well of course you’re turned on, slave. The trick is learning how to channel all that energy into something useful, like making Me happy.

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