Are you Real or acting?

Female Domination is first and foremost My fetish. I am many things: an exhibitionist, sadist, nurturer, nymphomanic, engineer, designer, and full believer in the natural balance of Female Led Relationships and Gynarchy.

I decide who I do and do no play with, and have a high standards for those that I allow to be loyal slaves. I have a full time career. FemDom is a passion for entertainment, so if you’re not about to join in My games and make this more fun for Me please go someplace else. I don’t need you, your money, or your time. Always remember, you came to Me.

Do you do Professional Domination?

Yes, I offer service topping to slaves I find entertaining and worth My time. Currently I offer ONLINE SERVICES ONLY.

My Domination revolves around My fetishes and the things I enjoy. However, I am open to “pay for pleasure” with your scenario if you make it worth My while and I enjoy playing with you.

Where are You located?

Canada. That’s all you need to know. The rest is irrelevant; I will not meet you. Ask further and I have no problem blocking you.

Can I meet you in person?

No. you’re not worthy of My time or presence.

How do I contact you Goddess?

Browse around My domain and if you’re smart enough you’ll figure out how to approach Me properly.

Can I see you on webcam?

Don’t waste either of our time by asking. This is something reserved for My best slaves, and that position is a long, hard climb.

Do you sell photos of your perfect feet and legs?

Yes. I will have photos for sale from time to time. If there is something you are craving then ask; if it’s not something I already have I can shoot custom photos. Message Goddess’s footstool for any requests.

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Do you sell your used smelly goods?

Yes. Most of My used toys, trashed heels, smelly pantyhose, and Goddess worshipping paraphernalia is or will be for sale. I like knowing My trash is your treasure that you sleep with at night and diligently clean like a loser.

If you’d like something not listed on My ebanned for Goddess SheDevil’s Used Goods then submit your request.

Message Goddess’s footstool for any requests.

Where can I get updates on you Goddess?

For loserboys not yet part of My stable or FemDom Fanclub you can follow Me here on My blog or on any of My social media accounts.

How do I begin serving you Goddess?

Read about Me. Do some research about what you want and what your expectations are. Be realistic. Take some time to think about how you want to serve Me; what kind of pet would you like to be for Me? I enjoy many fetishes and can amazingly cater to different needs (ex. a foot fetishest is not necessarily the same as someone who enjoys humiliation and chastity). However I am still going to be Me through it all and approach it in a way I enjoy. Make sure I fit what you are looking for in a Top Domme/Goddess/Queen/Mommy/Owner and be clear with Me what it is you’d like. Be honest. Be respectful.

If you enjoy what you see sub to Goddess SheDevil Fanclub and take the time to message Me with your name, contact information about a quick blurb about yourself, and why you would make a great addition to My stable of slaves.

Well of course you’re turned on, slave. The trick is learning how to channel all that energy into something useful, like making Me happy.

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